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You’re Invited On A Journey Of Inner Self Discovery

Are you highly sensitive to people, places and unseen energies and don’t know how to deal with it?

Do you dismiss ‘gut feelings’ as unprovable?

Imagine what your life would be like if you:

  • Lived the life that most aligned to your Divine Nature,
  • Had a guidance system that worked for you,
  • Didn’t need to prove your worth to anyone,
  • Loved and accepted yourself and purposefully used your divinely given gifts?

Embrace Your Intuition & Heal Your Self Perceptions

Embrace Your Intuition Workshop

iStock_000039992396Medium4 week, 1 hour tele-class workshop about trusting the messages you receive from your Spirit Team. Classes include exercises to connect with your Spirit Team, working through blocks and limitations and awakening a deep appreciation of your abilities. Bonus Q & A call at end.  Read More.

Heal Your Self Perceptions Private Coaching Sessions

光と蓮Coaching includes personalized interpretations of Astrology, Numerology and Human Design birth charts and  Soul Realignment®  profiling and energetic clearing.  You can schedule one session or 4- 1 hour sessions designed to  allow you to work through exercises to raise your self awareness, trust your intuition and connect to your Divine Nature.  We delve deeply into hidden causes for limitation you currently experience. Your unique needs drive the direction of the sessions and results are specifically yours.  No cookie-cutter approaches here! Read more. 

 Love Letters From Beyond The Grave

Love is Eternal.  The hardest part of losing a loved one is missing their physical presence. It’s easy to feel like they are really gone, never to be seen again. Would you like to connect with your loved one? I’d love to help you. Learn More

The Tao Of Yahtzee eBook

Tao of Yahtzee cover Do you know what kind of choice-maker you are?

Discover your choice making style and much more by playing the game of Yahtzee.

Learn more.