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Do you struggle with obstacles, roadblocks and challenges in your life?

Is what you desire just out of reach?

You know there has to be a better way, that there is something missing, that there is a solution to your problems, yet the answers seem to elude you. 

Do you wish you could find out-of-the-box solutions  because the ‘tried and true’ solutions don’t seem to work?


Secrets Of Your Soul

Now there is a way for you to see yourself without all the layers upon layers of programming, conditioning, training and beliefs that no longer serve. It’s a short-cut to the authentic person hidden within.

Secrets Of Your Soul is a brand new way of learning about yourself. It’s never been done before!

With this brand new form of intuitive reading, instead of hearing a string of keywords about who you are and what you are designed to do, your personality traits and soul profile are brought to life in a story setting about a life situation, such as your relationship, financial situation, health or intimacy. You become the heroine that will live the situation from the perspective of your highest, most effective, natural and powerful expression of who you are designed to be.

  • Bring your unique soul code alive. Make your special gifts and talents real.
  • Take something intangible and put it into a story form so you can see how you, as your own heroine, makes choices to handle life situations based upon your specific Soul and personality design. 
  • Take yourself from ordinary to Extra-ordinary. Feel what it’s like to live the highest expression of who you really are.

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I’ve been working with Elaine for years. The information she has provided has diffused emotional bombshells in my relationship.

By understanding myself, I  recognize when I am taking on other people’s emotional energy, then amplify and reflect it back. I don’t take my husband’s emotional outbursts personally.

Working with Elaine has saved my marriage several time! 

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR

The Tao Of Yahtzee

The Tao Of Yahtzee

A fun way to learn conscious choice making.

toy coverEvery day, many times through the day, you make choices.  How do you decide what to eat, what to wear? How do you make bigger decisions like with whom to get into a partnership or where to work?

I invite you to allow the game of Yahtzee to become your teacher and with the help of this book, you can begin to understand the patterns that drive your choices. 

Alena, Call Of The Spirit Woman

alena book 1 cover 5**Coming Soon**

 Fantasy story of spiritual transformation, about an ordinary woman, a healer, who despite her fears, awakens her hidden talents, finds her soul mate and together, manifest her destiny of defending Earth against alien invaders. 

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The Tao Of Yahtzee is available as an ebook download or through Amazon. 

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To gain proficiency over your life,  grasp and cherish your inner strengths.

In this way, you liberate your inner Heroine so that she can guide you through life wisely, courageously and efficiently. 

You’re invited to open your Book of Life. 

Write new chapters of what you want your life to be.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

Albert Einstein