“If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.”  Kristin Chenoweth 

What if you understood how your natural gifts affect your life situations, would you then be able to accomplish a happy and joyful life and a loving, intimate relationship 

We are all unique. Each one of us has a different approach to life, life challenges, love and money.   Your Soul and energies activated at the time of your birth make up who you are and who you are being. Life circumstances, the way you were raised and the people you associate with imprint their energies on you so that soon you are unclear about what is authentically you and what is not you. Life gets very confusing.

Imagine living an empowered life, filled with love and happiness. You:

  • Understand your potential, gifts and characteristics and how to live by them.
  • Trust your inner guidance.
  • Make good choices easily.
  • Know where and how you can change your life effectively.
  • Engage with life on a deeper and more meaningful level.
  • Know what to do, where you are going and why.

From this heightened awareness, you can have success and abundance in all areas of your life, ranging from love to money, health and career.

You are invited to utilize Astro-numerology readings to interpret of the symbology contained in your birth blueprint. Coming from a challenging childhood, I understand the challenges of sorting out what is really you and what is something you learned, perhaps as a survival mechanism.

Learning about my gifts and special abilities and understanding what worked, what didn’t and why helped the most. I’d like to share that wisdom and the fruits of my experience with you so that you can create peace, happiness and love in your life like I have.

Readings and Consultations:

Understand your gifts, overcome the challenges in your life and move on with your future.

Start by understanding yourself, then expand to understanding your partner.

Consulting Session

As an Oracle For Your Soul, get to the root of what’s going on in your life that you would like to be different. This consultation session is for whatever you want to talk about. That could be your relationship, your work, your health and any challenges you are currently facing. This is the place to sign up for a session to assist you in working through Avoid the Cosmic 2×4′s: Master the Challenge by Discovering the Hidden Message self-empowerment tool.



Is Your Name Lucky?lucky vid clip

Your name transmits a certain energetic message that everyone receives. It’s like a Feng Shui message to the Universe and activates Law of Attraction. Find out if your name is Lucky.



Scooter videoIndividual Sessions

These sessions bring you insights, understanding and new perspectives about yourself and challenges in your life, such as money, health, family or your relationship. Information gleaned from your birth time and place indicate  the energetic and psychological forces affecting you. Find out who you are and where you are on your path and the best way to get where you are going.  Empower yourself with understanding.


Couples Sessions

These sessions address concerns about your relationship, your partner, your future together or what went wrong between you from your Soul’s perspective. Look at  who you are together. Address you and your partner’s natural design of energy flow between you. Understand what is playing out in your relationship and allow love back into your life.  This reading is a combined Astro-Numerology analysis of each partner. Order your Astro-Numerology session here.


Sacred Relationship Code Reading 

When you decided to become a couple, you activated a specific code of energies. These energies and psychological forces lay the foundation for the nature of your relationship. The merging of your energetic/ Soul natures activated and created a new set of energies that enhance or challenge specific parts of you. You co-created this experience for both of your benefits and personal growth. This reading is based upon the Numerology influences contained in your birth information and date of committment or marriage.  Order your Numerology session here.


It may seem like if you find out who you are and what you are capable of, you will feel obligated to do something about it. You are in charge of how quickly you take action. Sometimes, it’s good to know something and then take action when the time is right.  And if you are worried about affording the investment in yourself, Paypal has great payment options. All it takes is your willingness to start and a commitment to yourself.