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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

Albert Einstein

You’ve tried all the traditional methods of healing without much success. Now it’s time to find out of the box solutions that get to the heart of the matter. 

You’re invited to delve into the deep waters of your subconscious to unearth the secrets that interfere with you living the life you are designed to live. Find the missing pieces. Get the answers that elude you. 

Private Sessions

If you are ready to become a healthy Heroess by discovering your authentic, autonomous self, I invite you to work with me.  I act as your creative catalyst to your becoming a healthy Heroess.

Start with an one hour intro session where we discuss where you are now and what are your intentions for your future.  We probe your birth charts for the sources of disharmony and explore ways you can start moving towards vibrant health.

Give yourself the gift of a quality life as you mature.

One Hour Intro to a Healthy Heroess  $397

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“I’ve been working with Elaine for years. The information she has provided has diffused emotional bombshells in my relationship.

By understanding myself, I  recognize when I am taking on other people’s emotional energy, then amplify and reflect it back. I don’t take my husband’s emotional outbursts personally.

Working with Elaine has saved my marriage several time!”   Mary Ellen, Newport

To gain proficiency over your life,  grasp and cherish your inner strengths.

In this way, you liberate your inner Heroess so that she can guide you through life wisely, courageously and efficiently and revitalize your body and life.

Iceland, Godafoss at sunset, beautiful waterfall, long exposureYou’re invited to become a Healthy Heroess 

You’re invited to join me in the adventures, perils and rewards of traveling the road of the Healthy Heroess.




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