Readings words

You are invited to awaken the powerful, confident and resourceful psychic heroine within.

To master your psychic gifts, the first step is to understand them and know how to use them. 

Turn your psychic gifts into a blessing that you embrace whole- heartedly.



Products & Tools

Awaken Your Inner Heroine Vision Story Course    Answer the call of your inner heroine. Bring your natural gifts and talents to life through the process of storytelling. 

The Tao of Yahtzee    Heroines are constantly faced with choices. How do you know the best one? This book will awaken a new awareness of your decision making stye and the “why” or what motivates your choices.  

The Love Doctor   Sometimes companionship and intimacy is a driving force and other times it is necessary to closely connect and align with someone to aid in overcoming challenges.

Private Sessions

Daily life offers you constant quandaries and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Even the best heroines seek advice to get a different perspective or find the words that describe what they have been feeling.  

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Awakening Packages

For the serious, highly sensitive psychic heroine to become the mistress of her destiny, your best strategy is to awaken and embrace a keen awareness of your gifts, how to use them and when. Without this expanded consciousness, you are but a shadow of yourself. 

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

Albert Einstein

To gain proficiency over your life, you want to grasp and cherish your inner strengths.

This includes your psychic abilities. They are a part of you and embracing them will make you whole. 

Knowledge is power.
Knowing how to implement that knowledge gives you the power to consciously take charge and  make an impact on your life.  


I invite you to liberate your hidden strengths and natural gifts through intuitive readings and coaching with me.

  • Discover how to turn around your self-limitations. 
  • Implement your gifts in overcoming challenges in your life.
  • Observe how they have unconsciously played out through the lessons from your past.
  • Utilize your Sacred Gifts to create your ideal future.  

You want to understand how:

  • To access them on demand,
  • Understand how they work,
  • Make them work when you need them.
  • Recognize when someone is stealing your energy and autonomy.
  • Sort out what you are feeling from what you have absorbed from others.
  • Apply what comes easily and naturally to you.
  • Understand what’s NOT YOU.
  • Let  go what no longer serves you.
  • Know when to take action and when to surrender to divine wisdom.
  • Live like a heroine. Master skills so you don’t back down or become overwhelmed.