In 2008, I took a class from Tim Kelly about Finding Your Purpose.  I was given this statement by my inner guidance and it has taken me years to figure out what it means. Actually, it has taken me that long to accept who I am and the service I am here to share.  After a great many more classes and certifications and a lot of inner work, I finally have a much better idea of what this statement means. And I am not so afraid to step into  into this role.

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As a child, I always dreamed about healing with a thought.  I wanted to meet nice ET’s.  I wanted everyone to live in peace and harmony. I call this my Soul Dream.

I was fascinated with the concept of having the ability to touch someone and have them be healed or simply wish it for them or to communicate telepathically and even better- teleport. I read books on occult,  witchcraft and the supernatural, mythology, Egyptian history and Arthurian legends. My favorite books had a hero or heroine who had a bunch of untapped  psychic and telepathic abilities or could shape change, but didn’t know or trust their abilities. The plot was about the discovery of themselves and what they could do and stepping into their gifts as a result of a life threatening, world threatening dilemma they had to solve.

And there was Star Trek, which portrayed alien beings in a positive light.  I always wanted to meet these benevolent beings and establish a peaceful communication and acceptance of them. I wanted us to live in peace and harmony together.

You see, I was afraid to reveal my dreams. They were not down to earth and tangible like making roads or clearing land. My dreams bordered on the taboo; what Catholics considered the work of the devil. So I kept quiet. It was the safest thing to do. It didn’t stop me from dreaming, though.

Later, with the catalyst of psoriasis, I studied into herbs, nutrition, healing arts, especially energetic ones like Eastern medicines, energy modalities, philosophies and sacred mysteries. I educated myself but I also took a lot of trainings and have a respectable list of certifications.

The funny thing is that now the concept of healing people with a thought has become  scientifically demonstrated. The placebo effect demonstrates the power of our minds.  With the movie, The Secret, people became aware of the power of Law of Attraction, where again, we get what we think about.

I have met a lot of nice ET’s, too. My family and friends have originated off planet and are from exotic star systems like Pleiades, Hadar, Polaris and Sirius, just to name a few. These are star systems where our souls chose to incarnate. It is ET energy, all the same. After learning the Soul Realignment™ process, I learned that I am a Sirian star child. No wonder I always felt my home was out in space somewhere and Orion was my favorite constellation! It is from Orion’s belt that I can find the star, Sirius.

I have learned that I actually can shift my energies easily and without thinking. I can facilitate a positive shift in energies in another person just by acknowledging my natural energies and setting an intention. What’s even better, I’ve learned how to enlist the aid of my non-physical, high-vibrational friends to do the work for me. I learned that they see a bigger picture and know what another person really needs to bring them back into alignment and healing. I’ve got a great team, and I call upon the big names, like Jesus, Mary, Isis and Osiris, Kuan Yin and Buddha and several of the Archangels.  They do a great job for me! All I have to do is ask.

I am also aware of the huge responsibility that goes along with working with energies. I am aware of my energetic influence on others, so I have to pay attention to what I am feeling and thinking. I can easily activate those energies in others. Of course, I want to take my dreams to another level of accomplishment. That is the Sirian way!

I have developed and expanded  my natural abilities for telepathic communication and communicating with the unseen and am learning to read the subtle language of energy. I have lots of friends in ‘high’ places.

When I look back at my dreams and fantasies of a young child, I see that they actually are manifesting!

I had to modify my vision  a little bit, though. Actually, it was the way to get there that had to be modified. In my dreams, everything happened instantly and magically. It still does, but there are a few steps to the process.

First of all, people are healed with a thought but it has to be their thought. I can initiate the process and encourage them,  but they have to pick up the ball and run with it. I have to step back and allow them to do so.

We can live in peace and harmony, but that requires each of us to love and accept ourselves and to allow our companions to be who they are. Trying to control people or our situations destroys the delicate threads of peace. Understanding each other supports allowing each of us to be the unique people that we are and to live in harmony.

In the last several years, I have learned some powerful tools that have pushed  me from my secret closet.  I learned the Soul Realignment™ process and Astro-Numerology. These two modalities have brought  my dreams into perspective. Not only do I have the abilities at the soul level to manipulate energies, heal with a thought, but I chose a time and place to be born to support and focus these energies more fully. I created birth energies that support psychic and intuitive abilities and encourage delving into the Divine and sacred mysteries, science and what is beyond the physical.

I’ve played the roles of  a priestess, shaman, witch and wise woman, just to name a few,  in other lifetime. No wonder the sacred and spiritual secrets are so easy for me.

Let me be your guide to reawaken and connect you to your Soul Dream, to your Divine nature.

For it is through the manifestation of your Soul Dream that you grow and evolve into your full potential in this life and successive lives.

And just so you know, as you realize your specific dream,  you not only affect everyone around you in our world and universe, but all of your other lifetimes and the people in them.  Your Soul Record is updated and all the expressions of you out there also benefit. So the parallel life you are living in Medieval England will take a turn for the better!