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About Elaine

Step boldly into your life's calling!

As a mystical, highly sensitive empathic healer and Projector in Human Design, I tend to know a lot about other people and not so much about myself. I had to change that, to keep my sanity and health. 

I've noticed this same tendency in other empathic people, who put others first without understanding that they may not have the time or energy for just one more task. For an empath, who is hardwired to serve, it's hard to know when enough is enough and call it quits or set boundaries. 

As empaths in business, some of my clients and highly sensitive empathic healers  often sell themselves short, not charging enough for their offerings  and discounting or giving free services to a person with a good hard-luck story. It's hard to know your value when the bulk of your service is invisible. 

Understanding yourself is the biggest gift you can give to yourself and has  far reaching effects. To change anything, you must first understand what you are working with. Then deliberate shifts can be initiated. It's a lot easier if you have someone to show you the way.

People say they come to me for my ability to see what is missing or out of place and get guidance on how to restore balance and natural order- in other words, solve the problem.  What's more empowering is to ask the right questions to guide another to resolve their own dilemma.


Driven to find a cure for psoriasis. I've  spent decades studying into Eastern, Western, Energy therapies and divination arts and much more. In the process, I learned about how to deal with my sensitive nature and stop letting it run (and ruin) my life.


Unraveling mysteries is something I love to do, especially since I have help from the Spirits. I'd love to share the insights I have accumulated over a lifetime of searching for a cure for my long term nemesis/ teacher,  and share how you can get in touch with and become the person you came here to be. 

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