August 26, 2020

As I cored apples to make applesauce, I realized that the apples from my tree are a wonderful metaphor for humanity. 

Let's call the apple tree, Source, the beginning of all creation. Tree blossoms form into individual apples, much like a birthing. The new apples grow throughout the season, gaining substance, making the most of where they are positioned on the tree. Birds peck some apples. Bugs invade others, and some ripen more slowly. The wind blows and they fall, being in different stages of ripeness.

As I cut into my apples, I saw how each apple is unique. Some are beautiful on the outside with perfect coloring, are juicy and sweet, soft and flavorful. Others are green and their flesh is firm and tart. Some have blem...

January 22, 2020

Even though the Cancer Full Moon eclipse is past, the energies activated will resonate throughout 2020 and the years that follow, offering us an opportunity to restore the harmony between the masculine and the feminine aspects within ourselves.

With Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury  and the Sun, all masculine oriented planets, in the mannish sign of  Capricorn, there is a strong influence on the Father/ patriarchal  element in the masculine-feminine continuum.

For a couple of thousand years or more, many societies have been patriarchal. Masculine qualities defined success by what could be seen on the surface, by what one has accomplished, how much money, wealth and material possessions one has, how many goals ha...

May 19, 2019

What happens when you answer the call of your destiny?

When you awaken and exercise your secret power, your life transforms before your eyes. Your destiny brings the changes you've longed for, liberates you from the traps and pitfalls that have kept you small (and safe) and connects you to the greater Self or Divine.  

When you live your destiny, you become mistress of your life. You listen and trust to your intuition to guide you. You make choices that fill you with vitality and joy and make your heart sing.

Living your destiny is not simply the work or career you do. It is a whole life experience, one that includes relationships that respect and value you, where you have equal power and authority, 

Destiny has a mystiq...

May 19, 2019

Who Are You REALLY? What are you here to do? And what's stopping you!

You are a Divine Being living in a physical body. You, and everything around you, is composed of pure energy and consciousness. In truth, you are living an illusion.  Remembering this gives you the power to accept and change your physical experience. 

We are all energetically connected and each one of us touches others. Your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs are transmitted into the world. Simultaneously, you receive these energies from others.  

You are here to: 

  • Play your part in the Cosmic Collective,

  • Understand the power of choice,  

  • Share your divinely given gifts,

  • Grow and evolve by mastering certai...

March 3, 2019

Do you ever wonder about your life, why you're here and where are you going?

We’re born into this world, given a bunch of abilities and talents, but no instruction manual on how to use them.

The result?
We muddle through our younger years trying to fit in, all the while thinking there is something wrong with us.

We may be inherently shy and highly sensitive and those around us don’t understand why we prefer our own company or that of our dog, cat or horse to other people. (That’s the Water element, by the way.)

As we get more mature, we start to see, through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. We still wrestle with fitting in, pleasing others, not wanting to rock the boat and avoiding emotional backlash.

The result?

We are b...

February 26, 2019

Do you blurt out your truth and later wonder if you hurt that person’s feelings?Are you afraid to take action because you fear rejection?

What if these characteristics are part of your fiery design?

Are you, or do you know someone who is an  Aries, Leo or Sagittarius?  Do you know what parts of your life these fiery signs activate?

Do you know how these signs in your chart support or hold you back from knowing and living your heart's desire?

How would you like to discover the part that is not often talked about: the hidden ways that these Fire signs sabotage you and what you can do about it?

The Fire element in your chart is the place where you connect with Spirit. As a Fire person, you are here to awaken and activate peo...

February 21, 2019

Do you chase after a job that  is totally not 'you'?  Perhaps you say it's because you need the money or the illusion of security, benefits or status.  

But what if you are simply not designed to be an accountant, a copywriter, or a caregiver, yet you struggle to learn the trade because of the need for financial stability. What if it's because you are not clear about how to apply your talents in the world so that they can provide you with a decent living? What if something from your past makes you afraid to acknowledge your true talents and power?

So often we don't think we have options and we get into careers that do not speak to and support our heart. We muddle through to make money to support ourselves and family...

January 23, 2019

Do your words fall upon deaf ears or they are summarily rejected?

Are you often misunderstood?

What if it is not your or your partner’s fault? What if it is simply the way each of you are designed? If you struggle in your relationships and want to deepen your connection, then read on.

Imagine what your relationships could be like if you understood the right timing and way to say things so that your partner actually listens.

You’re invited to see your work or personal relationships in a new light. Discover the secrets of how to communicate with your partner, get your point across and use your different strengths to work together.

Communication is a key element in relationships. What if you think in grand concepts and your partner is a...

July 8, 2018

July 6, 2018 Presentation on Secrets of A Gutsy/ Audacious Empath on the Quantum Alignment Show on Facebook. 

Here is the video!

July 1, 2018

Numerology Your Monthly Oracle video interview with Michelle. 

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