October 31, 2017

He is charming, sensuous and handsome. He’s sweeps you off your feet and invites you into his life. He’s attentive, generous and sex is great. All seems ideal, until you come up against one of his habits, such as smoking.

Once he has decided to accept you into his life, he doesn’t want to let go of you, so he promises to quit. But as you will learn later, change does not come easily to a Taurean man (or woman) and it just never seems to happen.

Of course, as a non-Taurean, you don’t understand that for a person born under the sign of Taurus, change has to be on their terms and in their own time. They seem to operate by a different clock which is frustratingly slow. As a fiery non-earth person, it seems like he moves at a snail's p...

October 29, 2017

Change creeps silently or not so silently into our lives. Sometimes we welcome change. Other times, we struggle through it kicking and screaming.

October 14, 2017

How often have you had an awesome idea and after you started to implement it, you find an even better one? You jump ship and put your efforts towards that idea, then you hear something that triggers another epiphany and off you go again.
It’s like a game of hopscotch. Your family and friends shake their heads saying, “Why won’t she ever settle down?” You feel like there is something wrong with you because you can never stick with just one thing. There are simply too many intriguing and engaging ideas to pursue.
In Human Design, the Gate 11 is also known as the Gate of the Seeker, perpetually seeking answers or to make something better or to know more. It is a powerfully creative energy and can be very frustrating and exhaust...

October 14, 2017

Do you feel like you are like one of those ducks in a carnival arcade where people take potshots at you? Some miss and others hit you, and you don’t feel like you can dodge the bullets or speed up or slow down the track to make you a harder target to hit. You don’t feel like you have any control over the whole situation. All you want is the freedom to live life on your own terms.
You’re not the only one with energetic life bruises and desires to find a path to freedom. When you are in the middle of a situation, such as a money or health challenge, job or relationships disharmony, it is hard to see your way to a satisfactory solution and it's easy to feel trapped.
Even if you are used to using your intuition for guidance, whe...

October 4, 2017

October moves us from watching the synchronicity that guides us towards our destiny, to having the courage to move boldly into the unknown territory of beliefs and experiences. The energies of October also give us a taste of what's coming in 2018.

In Numerology, the number 11 represents the mastery of new beginnings, doubling the essence of the number 1, which takes an idea or concept and starts the initial stages that bring it into form. The evolution of an idea goes from selecting a concept from the field of all possibilities, through the process of working with other people, experimenting, creating, refining, adjusting and recreating, until the idea finally manifests. The process is much like the growth of a plant, from g...

September 19, 2017

Do you struggle with something in your life, your relationship, your health , money or anything else?

What if, at some level,  you chose this stressful and unpleasant experience?

Wait! Before you shoot the messenger, stop and take a look at the themes playing out.

Often, the challenges you experience now have played out before, perhaps many times and in many variations. There is s common thread that unites your experiences; a hidden, unacknowledged fear or set of beliefs that keep attracting similar situations. What if your latest test is trying to convey to you a message?

Before you rattle your saber or get out your assault rifle to do battle with your current unsatisfying situation, try something new and invite your problem, even...

September 19, 2017

Do you ever wish you could live life on your own terms? You'd work when you wanted and have the time to do the activities that call to you. You'd have time to actually take care of yourself, such as eating well and exercising, instead of feeling guilty for not doing so. You could study about something that piques your interest, pursue hobbies that bring meaning to your life, all the while acting as a role model, showing others that they can live according to their own terms, too. 

But what if you have a lot of energy in your design that causes you to feel like living outside the box is threatening, even terrifying? The fear of not fitting in keeps you paralyzed and your dreams and alignment with your purpose seem out of...

September 13, 2017

Do you struggle with overdoing, over-working, over-eating and more? If a little is good, do you think that more is better? 

What if this tendency is the way you are designed? 

In our quest to be the 'perfect' spiritual being in human form, we are taught to seek neutrality, be calm and present in the moment. While this may be the perfect prescription for some people, it can cause a great deal of frustration in others. They struggle with finding a calm and centered place. They berate themselves when they over-indulge at a party, or are overly concerned about a family member or are work-a-holics. . 

What if these people are designed to have 'excess' or a in kinder terms, 'surplus',  built into their birth code for the o...

September 5, 2017

The energies of September are a reflection of the overall theme of 2017. In Numerology, September is a 19 Universal month, which reduces to 10, Instant Manifestation and Synchronicity and ultimately to the number 1, Initiation. 

In the ancient Chaldean numerology,  the number 19 represents the Sun and is often called the Prince of Heaven. It is a highly auspicious energy, an energy of reward, success, victory and abundance. Within this energy one can see  the co-creative power of the Divine or Spirit who provides synchronistic events and experiences that offer guidance in life and clarity towards one’s soul’s purpose. 

September amplifies the energy of instant manifestation and of creating something new and powerful that...

September 5, 2017

Does it seem like the past just keeps re-creating itself?  Does it seem impossible to create a different future, no matter how hard you work to keep positive thoughts and repeat positive affirmations? 

You can break this cycle, heal your past and make new choices that create a different future.  Here's how it works. 

When you don't recognize the patterns of the past, the past repeats itself with infinite variations of the same theme, thereby creating a future that may look different at first, but upon closer inspection, is really the same theme playing out.

Until you understand your past behaviors, hidden motivations and thoughts, you keep repeating them, experiencing similar situations. It may seem like you are...

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