September 13, 2017

Do you struggle with overdoing, over-working, over-eating and more? If a little is good, do you think that more is better? 

What if this tendency is the way you are designed? 

In our quest to be the 'perfect' spiritual being in human form, we are taught to seek neutrality, be calm and present in the moment. While this may be the perfect prescription for some people, it can cause a great deal of frustration in others. They struggle with finding a calm and centered place. They berate themselves when they over-indulge at a party, or are overly concerned about a family member or are work-a-holics. . 

What if these people are designed to have 'excess' or a in kinder terms, 'surplus',  built into their birth code for the o...

July 3, 2017

July transforms the insights and wisdom attained from our introspection in June and allows them to form into something we can see, touch, feel and experience. 

July is a Universal 17 month in a 17 year. It holds the potential for double manifestation of something life-changing, that withstands the test of time. Yet, within all of this manifesting energy are the roots of initiation and co-creation with Spirit. 

Some people may manifest their hearts desire, their dream job or residence, lover or more. Underlying this external expression of dreams is a foundation of trust based upon the philosophy that what you desire can become a reality. With the creative  energy of July, pay attention to your energetic state and tho...

May 4, 2017

There is magic in the Numerology of May! We are offered a chance to put on our magic hat and transform something in our lives or in ourselves. 

Traditionally, the Alchemist transmuted lead, a common and ordinary material into something precious, gold. Now we may not be able to do that particular activity, but we certainly have the power to transform something mundane in our lives into something that fills us with enthusiasm and joy. Maybe it's as simple as giving your car a bath. Or as complex as shifting your thought patterns to envision an awe inspiring future. 

With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrograde for all of May, the journey for our Alchemist is inward, seeing the blessings and lessons in the challenges we face, then...

April 12, 2017

The question of what happens after death has gone on for ages. Some religions teach that this life is a one time shot. The teaching states that God created us for this one life. We had better live it well and get it right so we stand a chance to be welcomed into Heaven, especially since the alternative doesn't sound very inviting. 

Other religions teach that we come again and again to experience different aspects of our Soul, for the glory and expansion of the Divine and to achieve enlightenment. This can explain a sense of deja vu. Another explanation of past life memories could stem from our genetic lineage or the genetic material in our 'body suit' or fascia.  

It's all a big mystery and subject to personal belief.  


April 12, 2017

Do you know anyone who has not had some sort of challenge with parents? 

I don't.  And that is as it should be. 

There are two basic kinds of relationships with our parents: supportive and nurturing or challenging and struggle. Sometimes it is a combination of both. These kinds of relationships can be with one or both parents.  This can run the gamut from abuse to overly protectiveness. We grow up, carrying the scars of childhood, harbor resentment, anger and even hate against one or both parents. Our early experiences in life form our perspective about ourselves and our self worth and becomes the root of our behaviors, coping or otherwise. 

When in the midst of struggle with our specific set of challenges, we o...

April 3, 2017

It's so easy to think that living our purpose is something monumental, sort of like having a super career, an awesome job where you save the world or something equally glorious. 

Well, I hate to burst the illusion. We are already living our purpose just by being who we are, every day. Now for some people, their self expression and purpose is much grander and more visible than for many of us. The truth is, we are all living our purpose for as long as we exist. 

I came to this conclusion after long studies into the birth codes of other people, as well as my own charts. We are born with natural tendencies, drives, wants, desires, abilities and natural inclinations. Some people love to study. Others love to invent something new. Other...

April 1, 2017

Are you feeling the effects of the retrogrades yet? 

We will have an opportunity to review in depth,  many aspects of our lives during the course of this month. In Numerology, April has the energy of the media number, seeing situations from all sides and change. So whatever secrets are revealed due to deep exploration may very well  become public. This can be global exposure, such as with governments and countries or more personally, such as in your relationships or work life. It's a time to get clear and  risk expressing what is important in your life. 

Allow me to explain these dynamic and conflicting energies more complete.  On the one hand, the Numerology of April is about public communication, such as stories...

March 27, 2017

The funeral and burial events had gone without a hitch. Now family had gone home and I could heave a sigh of relief and seek a much needed rest. The days of holding the vision for a desired outcome, the hours of communicating with each person involved to grasp an understanding of their wishes, organizing, delegating, coordinating, and seeing to all the details, had taken their toll, even if I did borrow from the life force energy of those around me. 

Prodded by compliments from the family and guests, it finally dawned upon me that I was doing what I was perfectly designed to do and this is what it means to be a Projector. 

In the self-discovery tool called Human Design, each one of us has a particular way we manage and m...

March 20, 2017

When you want to know something, do you ever ask your Angels and Spirit Guides? 

Recently, Doreen Virtue was talking about doing automatic writing. I used to have extensive conversations with my Spirit Team  a number of years ago, but had gotten out of the habit. I decided that she had a good idea and would give it a try. Besides,  I wanted some answers about  thought I'd been having about the physical body's role in our self expression. So here's what my team had to say. 

"You are more than your physical body and set of Earthly rules. It's hard for you to grasp that you are Everything. As a Divine Spark, hosted in a human form, you have it all, you are it all, You are money, food, friends, lovers, childre...

March 13, 2017

Many people dread this time of the year. It's tax time. 

So what makes paying taxes so distasteful for so many people? 

Even though we all benefit from government services, we still feel like we have no control over where our money is going. It's not like taking our dollars and choosing to buy a car or go to dinner. We relinquish control over our money and someone else gets to decide what to do with it. And what if they waste our money instead of spending it wisely?

For some of us, especially when we are motivated by money, such as when your Moon is in the second house in your Astrology chart, being faced with a undesirable tax bill can bring out the shadow side of our relationship with money. We worry, wring our hands, fret about...

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