January 23, 2019

Do your words fall upon deaf ears or they are summarily rejected?

Are you often misunderstood?

What if it is not your or your partner’s fault? What if it is simply the way each of you are designed? If you struggle in your relationships and want to deepen your connection, then read on.

Imagine what your relationships could be like if you understood the right timing and way to say things so that your partner actually listens.

You’re invited to see your work or personal relationships in a new light. Discover the secrets of how to communicate with your partner, get your point across and use your different strengths to work together.

Communication is a key element in relationships. What if you think in grand concepts and your partner is a...

October 31, 2017

He is charming, sensuous and handsome. He’s sweeps you off your feet and invites you into his life. He’s attentive, generous and sex is great. All seems ideal, until you come up against one of his habits, such as smoking.

Once he has decided to accept you into his life, he doesn’t want to let go of you, so he promises to quit. But as you will learn later, change does not come easily to a Taurean man (or woman) and it just never seems to happen.

Of course, as a non-Taurean, you don’t understand that for a person born under the sign of Taurus, change has to be on their terms and in their own time. They seem to operate by a different clock which is frustratingly slow. As a fiery non-earth person, it seems like he moves at a snail's p...

July 26, 2017

Relationships provide us with an awesome opportunity for expanding our awareness and evolving beyond where we are currently. All thanks to our loving partner.

Our partner has the wonderful capacity of being able to provoke us, push our buttons and make us question our worth.

For example, have you ever had your sweetheart tell you that you are number one in his life, but he won't agree to marriage or a more committed relationship because of some other reason? Maybe he's choosing to appease a parent or a business partner because he's afraid that by bringing you into his life more fully you will rock the boat and affect his financial position. In essence he's choosing money over love.

Isn't that like a slap in the face? Or a put...

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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


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