Books For Self Exploration

Numerology, Your Monthly Oracle video Interview with Michelle

  • Numerology reference guide

  • Inspire a Gratitude Practice

  • Manage monthly energetic themes

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Decoding Your Soul Series, Book One

Numerology: Your Monthly Oracle

Do you struggle with accomplishing a goal? And the more you try, the more frustrated and exhausted you become?


What if your struggles are simply the result of misaligned timing?


You have a natural cycle, waves of energy that are specific to your type. Tap into the ancient wisdom of Numerology to understand your particular dynamic flow of energy. 


The ancients believed that numbers have specific energetic frequencies associated with certain symbolic meanings. Number energies move in a creative, circular flow, starting with initiation, then growth and manifesting to completion and readying for the next turn of the spiral. Your personal energy mirrors this cycle.

Imagine what your life would be like if you understood the optimal times to take action and the times to conserve your energy and take care of the details.

Discover how to activate the energy of your personal creative flow with this monthly oracle guide.

Available on Amazon and Kindle!  

The Tao of Yahtzee

A Fun and Easy Way To Make the Law of Attraction Work for You.

Do you struggle with making choices, especially ones that are important? 

What if you had a safe place to experiment with making choices so that you can understand the unique factors that you use? 

The Tao of Yahtzee offers you the opportunity to explore about yourself, get in touch with the methods you use to go about making decisions, and then lets you practice by playing the game of Yahtzee..  As a result, you get comfortable making choices that work for you quickly and easily. 

This is a light hearted book, encouraging you to relax and have fun discovering your unique decision making style.