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Metaphysical and Visionary
Fantasy Stories
for Personal Transformation
and Self-Actualization

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To those who know they have a purpose
but don't know what it is
or are afraid to step into it.
May you find the courage to set yourself free and

Follow the Path of Your Destiny.


Metaphysical and visionary fantasy novels, stories, and personal transformational workbooks  ~   Courses   ~   Personal Sessions
for Empaths, Healers, Lightworkers seeking their Soul's Purpose

 Personal Sessions and Courses

I'm so grateful to have found Elaine at a time when I was searching for meaning and purpose. Her reading gave me exactly what I needed: confirmation and direction. The fact that her knowledge base is so wide really accentuated the reading in ways that astounded me. She was a perfect choice. Thank you again. 

Debra Q.

Thank you so much Elaine. You truly gave me clarity and perspective. I would love to talk to you again as I move forward.

~Pam S. ~


Like the characters in my stories, you have untapped gifts. Awaken the secret power of the empathic healer. Learn about your hidden talents and how to fulfill your Soul's mission.

Meet Elaine

Mystical  Author and Empathic Healer-Lightweaver

Elaine resisted embracing her Soul's mission for years. To step into her destiny meant going against the advice of the important people in her life who objected to her quitting a career in accounting to write novels. A rebel at heart, Elaine's channeled stories break traditional genre molds. The Chronicles of a Fractured Soul series includes utilizing fantasy story-telling to demonstrate metaphysical and visionary concepts to achieve harmonious living. 

Born and raised in Oregon, Elaine explored the magic and mysteries of life in search of a cure for life-long psoriasis. As an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy and a dyed-in-the-wool Trekkie, she loves stories where the hero or heroine discovers their hidden powers.

Her Italian Greyhound oversees

her writing activities, making sure she

doesn't forget to eat and go for a walk. 

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