Master Yourself - A Deep Dive

You are like a rosebud, with layers upon layers of beautify petals. 

As each set of petals open, they reveal a deeper, vulnerable

and pure level of your being.

Master Your

Self- Knowledge: 

A Deep Dive

To effectively fulfill your destiny, you must first master who you are.

Deep Dive Mastery Reading 

This is a comprehensive blending of themes extracted and compiled from your:

  • Akashic Record Soul Profile. 

  • Elemental nature,

  • Astrology,

  • Numerology, and

  • Human Design.

1. This gives you your life theme and the tools you have to use for accomplishing your destiny.  This becomes your overall plot and the theme of your life mission. 

2. Understand the challenges and your built-in conflicts, especially relating to communication and getting along with others, your sense of value and self-worth, and much more.  These are the obstacles you face and your perceived flaws. These become your greatest treasures.

3. Discover who and what supports you.  

4. Receive an energetic analysis of your physical and energic vitality, Learn areas of imbalance and misalignment. Get suggestions on what you can to do restore harmony and balance within your being.

5. Receive a written Soul plot outline and analysis of your current energies based upon information gleaned from your charts. This comprehensive ebook can become your personalized instruction manual, which not only tells you about your personality traits and the tools you came with to manifest your life purpose but the themes of your challenges, the strongest themes for expressing your life purpose through your work and career, relationships and health.  

6. As a bonus, you will receive a channeled 1-3 page short story about how you, as a fictional character in a story, would handle a situation, such as about money, relationships, health challenges, or go about living your life purpose. 

7. I will need your full birth name, date time, and place to create your charts and access your Akashic Record. Allow 7-10 days for me to analyze and receive intuitive guidance in preparing your booklet.


After you receive your report, we schedule a 60-minute conversation via Zoom to discuss the important points and answer your questions.  You can opt to continue the practice of deepening your self-awareness with coaching sessions with Jackie and me,


 You can learn more about the mentoring that empowers you to fulfill your destiny by clicking here.

Deep Dive Destiny Session    $999

Receive a customized, personalized report and  unique story of who you are designed to become. 

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There's nothing like it!

"I must say that you have a way of explaining that makes it so much easier to understand, by giving real examples in the life, so it is down to earth and really useful bits of clarifying and bringing in perspectives that are easier to understand. The Human Design becomes more understandable to me. You have a gift of bringing it down to make sense. And your voice is very nice to listen to, as well.  :)"

Lottis H. Sweden