Explore Your Destiny

Do you know that there are secrets hidden within your birth charts that affect how you experience life?

Explore Your Destiny

I use a brand new way of interpreting key life purpose/ destiny themes (Sun, Moon, Earth and ASC) from your Astrology, Elemental and  Human Design charts.

This unique blending gives you a deeper, more complete understanding of who you are and the interplay of energies that form the challenges and blessings you experience. 

We'll take a look at what's stopping and limiting you and discover ways around those obstacles.  

After this informative session, you'll have new insights that deepen your awareness about yourself. You'll also have some ideas about the direction you can take and the best strategy to go about doing that. 


Including Elemental Astrology to the traditional interpretation of your Human Design chart adds a new layer of depth to the dynamics present in your design.

Includes a 60 minute recorded conversation with you via Zoom. You will receive a recording of the session and your charts.


This was my first experience with Human Design and I found it fascinating. The information was very accurate and helped me understand myself on a deeper level. We can go through life not always understanding why we do the things we do, but this really helps clarify how I process. It’s allowed me to understand and accept myself as the unique person that I was made to be. Thank you Elaine for sharing your gifts and insight.

Penny M. 

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


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