Answer The Call Of Your Destiny


Do you wish you knew your life's calling? 

What if you knew:

  • How to find meaningful work that sustains you, 

  • How to find a committed life partner,

  • How to discover your personal well-being practices,

  • And how to get guidance from your spirit?

Your life calling is a response to your Soul's desire to serve for the greater good. When you answer the call of your Soul's desire, your life spark rekindles, you become more alive and vital, you feel like you belong and are useful, have value and  a satisfying role to play in the bigger picture.

The first step to following your destiny  is to fall in love with yourself. Discover your strengths, shadows and challenges. See how your birth codes bless you with exactly what you need and support you in your life purpose.  See the story of your past as the stepping stones to where you are today and the foundation to a bright, new future.

The next step is to understand what's stopping you  from living your destiny and uncover the best approach to becoming free to choose.

You're invited to allow me to be your guide to take you on an inner journey towards becoming an independent woman, free to design her life and to live in harmony with your partner and prosper. 


Whether you just want to test the waters or are ready to jump in, you're invited to discover the part you play in the world.  You have a heroine's heart and a heroine's story to tell.


I'm excited to work with you.

*~*Upcoming Workshop~*~

March 9, 2019

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Where's Your Fire?

Do you blurt out your truth and later wonder if you hurt that person’s feelings?

Are you afraid to take action because you fear rejection?


What if these characteristics are part of your fiery design?


People born under the astrological Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are here to awaken and activate others. Each sign has a particular way it expresses their energies, and also each sign has their Achilles heel that trips you up and interferes with following the path to your Soul’s purpose.  Every person has these fiery elements somewhere in their chart.


You're invited to a workshop that will deepen your perception of the primary Fire astrological element in your chart, namely your Sun, Moon, Earth and Ascendant. These are the most influential planets in your chart and play a big role in defining your destiny and the tools you have to fulfill it. 

This is the first class in Decoding Your Soul series about the four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. During the class you will learn key Astrology and Human Design themes based upon the astrological position of your Sun, Moon, Earth and Ascendant. 



  • Discover your Soul's desire,

  • Learn how your Sun, Moon, Earth and Ascendant play together,

  • Discover the invisible Achilles’ heel in each of the Fire signs that sabotage you.

  • Gain tools to calm an overactive Fire or awaken and activate a sluggish Fire.

  • Discuss your charts and receive personalized insights into how Fire plays out in your chart and forms the story of your destiny.


You’re invited to join me Saturday, March 9 at 11 am Pacific time on a Zoom meeting on The Sacred Fire.


The Sacred Fire Workshop

Saturday, March 9, 2019

11 am Pacific time

90 minute, recorded Zoom meeting



I  learned through the reading, that areas of my life where I judged myself,  are really how I’m designed to be. The reading brought me a great sense of peace and eliminated the guilt I felt about my role in relationships.

~Sara C, Toledo, OR


Book 1 Numerology 600 px.png

Have you noticed that sometimes you struggle and don't have the energy to accomplish a goal, and at other times, everything falls into place, easily?


Do you wish you knew the secret so that you could be clear about your objectives and know the right timing to take action?


You're invited to discover how to activate the energy of your personal creative cycles with Numerology.