Answer The Call Of Your Destiny


Are you confused and unsure about why you are here?

Your life calling is a response to your Soul's desire to serve the greater good. When you answer the call of your Soul's desire, your life spark rekindles, you become more alive and vital, you feel like you belong and are useful, have value and  a satisfying role to play in the bigger picture. And most of all, you go on an exciting adventure where you are the masterful heroine.

The path of your destiny is like reading an exciting adventure novel. It is filled with heroines, villains who try their best to thwart the heroine, periods of tremendous inner growth and heightened spiritual awareness, with the purpose of achieving a specific mission.


The first step to following your destiny  is to fall in love with yourself. Discover your strengths, shadows and challenges. Your birth codes bless you with exactly what you need and support you in your life purpose.  Understand the story of your past as stepping stones to where you are today and the foundation to a bright, new future.

Come face to face with what's stopping you  from living your destiny and uncover the best approach to becoming free to choose.

You're invited to allow me to be your guide to take you on an inner journey towards becoming an independent woman, free to design your life and to live in harmony with your partner and prosper. 








Whether you just want to test the waters or are ready to jump in, you're invited to discover the part you play in the world.  You have a heroine's heart and a heroine's tale to tell.


I'm excited to work with you.

As a 4/6 Fire Projector, I'm here to awaken you to your life purpose and support you in gaining an intimate understanding of yourself, teach you how to use the tools your Soul gave you, understand and heal your past and best of all, write a new story about who you become.

The Awakening:

Who Are You?

  • Deepen your understanding of yourself.

  • Discover the details of your purpose and 

  • The tools you were given to   fulfill it.

You're invited to an intuitive session that blends the wisdom of Elemental Astrology and Human Design into a conversation that utilizes your specific design and temperament to create a customized vision of your destiny.

Tell A New Story:

Who Do You Become?

  • Accept your uniqueness.

  • Heal your past.

  • Take charge of your life.

  • Receive a clear direction about why you are here and where you are going.

During this 6 week program, you will write a fictional story about who you become in the next 6 months to 1 year, based upon the themes and your life "plot" as outlined by your birth codes along with  guidance and inspiration from your Soul.  

I  learned through the reading, that areas of my life where I judged myself,  are really how I’m designed to be. The reading brought me a great sense of peace and eliminated the guilt I felt about my role in relationships.

~Sara C, Toledo, OR