Live Your Destiny

Fulfilling your destiny is all about who you become.

It's one thing to see yourself differently and even write up a new story about yourself. Now you are faced with the challenge of actually bringing your divine story to life. That process alone is a heroine's journey!

It's easy to think that since you now know all the details about yourself, that is all you have to do. Be them. 

For some people, becoming is that easy. For the rest of us..... well, we have to work at it. 

Even the bravest and most determined people can use some support; someone who holds you accountable, gently nudges you out of your comfort zone and listens compassionately to the woes that you encounter along the way. 

Imagine walking the path of your destiny with a trusted friend, someone who knows this is your path, your experiences and opportunities to learn, grow and become masterful over your life. Someone who witnesses your successes and gently encourages you in working through failures. 

You're invited to embrace yourself. Live and fulfill your destiny.  Allow us to share our wisdom from our travels along a similar road and encourage you forward to fulfilling your birthright. 

Through the process we guide you in developing a different perception of yourself and you;

  • Start to become the person your soul calls you to be.

  • Have more confidence to face your fears squarely, 

  • Detach from drama, and

  • See yourself as a heroine in your own life. 


Live The Story of Your Destiny

Are you clear about the path of your destiny?

You will not be the same after this experience! 

This journey will awaken and draw upon the

deepest power of the Sacred Feminine within,

  • Transform the way you see the world,

  • Break free from old beliefs,

  • See things as they are and

  • Create from an unlimited point of view.

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Live Your Story


Join in a 6 week training and mentoring program where you not only write a new story about yourself, but discover how best to live that story.

Take your Soul's story that you received in the DEEP DIVE and translate it into daily life- one you can live. It may help to create a fictional character that represents the traits and abilities you just learned about, including the challenges and how you are supported. 

Block out a time and place every day that you can dedicate to writing. Request your Soul, Spirit, your guides, teachers and angels to guide your writing and ask the following question: "Who am I in 6 months to a year from now?"

Then write. Let your fingers do the writing, not your mind.

Keep these questions in mind as you write:

  • Who would a person with these characteristics become?

  • How would she go about life? 

  • What is important to her?

  • Who are her friends?

  • What is she really good at?

  • Where does she struggle?

  • What does she think are her flaws?

  • and more.

Don't worry. You will have help through this process. Jackie and I will mentor you every week for 6 weeks, guiding you, encouraging you, answering questions and supporting your journey. 

At the end of your period of writing, you will have:

  • Discovered you are perfectly designed to do what you came here to do.

  • Understand your strengths and how they add to your value.

  • Find yourself guided to the teachers, healers or whatever you need to become the person forecasted in your story.

  • A deep trust of yourself and a knowing that Spirit has your back.

  • A reference to remind yourself of your direction.

  • Know how to overcome obstacles and challenging people. 

  • Access to your natural way of making decisions and what to watch out for.

  • Tools to move forward with your destiny.

This 6 week training guides you through the process by introducing the framework and daily ritual to connect with your Soul for inspiration. Each week you'll receive support and suggestions if you get stuck and questions to deepen your experience. 

6 weeks is long enough to immerse into a new vision of yourself and change neural patterns. Watch yourself and you, as the  heroine that you are,  transform before your very eyes into a self-assured and self-reliant  woman who knows and trusts that she will succeed somehow and is wise enough to know she doesn't have to do it all alone. She awakens and discovers her magical powers and her special talents, receives love and romance if she wants and outsmarts the villains in her life. 

The 6 mentoring sessions with Jackie are 45 minute, recorded sessions via Zoom. 

Prerequisite: Deep Dive Report

Your cost for 6 weeks of mentoring as you create your future self is $1600 


Live the Story of Your Destiny 6 Training $1600


"Thank you so very much for such an insightful and thought provoking reading last week! You create such a welcoming and warm atmosphere making it easy to follow along and process your findings. I felt seen and heard which is so nurturing for me! Thank you for sharing this with me and encouraging me so lovingly on my own unique path!" 

Tori W. Colorado

Meet Your Guides

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Fulfilling my destiny is a driving force for me. Destiny means becoming the fullest, wisest, most truthful expression of your Soul Essence in this human form. It means making peace with the past and looking ahead with optimism, trust and curiosity, while being in the present. Mastery becomes automatic.

As an Amazon best selling author, I have published two books. I have been through the intuitive writing process we offer here,  three times. Each time I received detailed instructions from Spirit about who I am and the next steps to fulfilling my mission.  It's like receiving your personal owner's manual for this life.  

I invite you to see your past as necessary stepping stones that have led you to where you are now, ready to explore the next best step on your personal evolution and fulfillment of your life purpose and destiny.

You have an important role to play in life and in the world, even if that idea seems daunting. I’d love to be your guide to help you see yourself with new eyes, discover your destiny and awaken the courage to live it.

Enjoy your life,


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Elaine and I have reached similar paths from different directions. Raised in a military family and living in many cultures without really being a part of them, I gained an appreciation of, and a love for, all expressive communication.


I have worked in the theater- on stage and behind the scenes. I studied martial arts and have worked as a personal trainer, both for many years. I moved into the healing arts as a massage therapist and teach Tai Chi.


Amid my other work I was also a police officer, which helped affirm my solid foundation in understanding the inner workings and motivations of people, and the traps they inadvertently fall into as a result of not understanding their true natures and their natural abilities.


Elaine and I have joined in a wonderful working relationship which has helped deepen all of the facets of the novel she has written. It has also led both of us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world.


As your mentor I gently invite you into the depths of your shadows so that, through your heroine, you gain insights, meaningful growth and lasting solutions. 


Love & Blessings,