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​Heal your perceptions about yourself!

Do you worry about where the money is going to come for the unexpected car repair or medical expenses? You have just enough coming in to pay your bills with no frivolities. You wish you could get a raise, a better job or win the lottery.

Instead, you find yourself plugged into a tolerable job, engaged in  dedicating the majority of your time to income production. You see people around you that appear to be happy and successful. They have the time and money for vacations, hobbies, their kids and so forth. You struggle and work long hours to get ahead, but as soon as you get a little saved up, it’s gone again. Your body complains, you’re tired and your back hurts, you gain weight and feel stressed. You don’t feel very optimistic about life and don’t like yourself very much. You feel like a failure. It’s frustrating. You feel hopeless and trapped in a never ending cycle.

If you are a sensitive person, making and keeping money, having any degree of comfort  and financial security seems like a never-ending, uphill battle.  This is because you, as a highly receptive person of environmental energies and other people’s emotions,  are not like most people. You have special challenges, such as getting clarity amid all the input you constantly receive, either from people or through the energetic ‘airwaves’. It’s very difficult to sort out what is best for you from what you sense from other people.  Indecision and confusion about who you are and what is best for you will cause you to feel stressed and anxious, leading to a myriad of health challenges, money woes and poor self image.

What if the secret sauce to your money,  health, wealth and abundance had to do with how you felt about yourself?

What if how you feel about yourself affects how others treat you, acknowledge your merits for a raise or promotion, flock to your business or create harmony within your relationship?

Each person has their unique Wealth design, complete with their path to abundance in conjunction with built in conundrums that limit their connection to prosperity.

Imagine what your life would be like if you:

  • Used your sensitivity to benefit you.

  • Understood what drove your money choices.

  • Embraced your strengths and special abilities.

  • Relieved unconscious stress and restoring health and function to your body.

  • Acknowledged how wealthy and abundant that you are right now.

  • Knew how precious and valuable you are to the world.


  • Being understood and treated with respect.

  • Acknowledged for your special talents.

  • Comfortably asking for a raise, time off, a different position or starting your own business.

You are happy, your body regains its vitality. You feel good about yourself and allow yourself to graciously receive praise and gifts from others because you know it is a form of recognizing your value by others.

You let in love, feel nurtured and supported, accepted for who you are.  You feel wealthy!

Most importantly, you don’t care what other people think or rely upon other people’s validation, because you love and accept yourself as you are and see your own value and important place in the matrix of the world.

You’re invited to claim your divine abundance and shift your perspective about yourself, your worth and your role in our world.

Are You A Sensitive Person?

Sensitive people face additional financial health challenges.
Your Self-Worth is at an even greater risk when you are a sensitive person.
Your Wealth and Abundance are directly impacted when you don’t value yourself.

Wealth is not only measured by how much money you have in the bank or material possessions,

but in how much time you have to follow your dreams, the quality of your friendships, love, health and much more.

You’re Invited!
Embrace Your Self Worth
& Bask In Your Wealth
6 Week Workshop

Starting Fall 2016

I enjoyed the classes. There was some new information and it was very in depth. I loved the hand outs where you could do them on your own and set your own pace.  Loved how the astrology and Human Design tied together. Pretty darn cool how this all sort of overlaps and makes it even more fascinating!

~ Amanda, Clarksville, TN

Elaine was instrumental in finally accepting my value and the value of my services. She validated what I felt inside, urged me past my fears to claim what I wanted in my heart and charge what I felt I was worth.

~ Sara, Newport, OR

Elaine is like my personal oracle. She provide me information and insights at exactly the right time for me to understand my current situation. She has saved my marriage and has been my guide on my personal journey of spiritual growth.

~ Mary Ellen, Newport, OR

9 Secrets to Wealth


The quality of the wealth and abundance you have in your life depends upon these 9 key factors:

  1. How you feel about yourself

  2. Your ability to receive

  3. Accepting yourself, even the shadow side

  4. Awareness of your hidden motivations

  5. Making peace with “lack”

  6. Asking for what you want

  7. Understanding the Universe’s feedback system

  8. Your connection to Source/Divine

  9. Gratitude

Wealth & Your Self Worth


Your Wealth and Abundance are a direct reflection to your beliefs, attitudes and habits. When you change your perspective of yourself, you change the amount of  Wealth that you let into your life.

What would your life be like if you:

  • Cared for yourself with the same enthusiasm you care for others?

  • Had a framework of your core values to help you make the best choices?

  • Felt successful and abundant?


Wealth & The Sensitive Person


Sensitive people sense other’s thoughts and feel other people’s emotions, including fears and anger, as well as environmental influences. They have special challenges when creating and keeping wealth and abundance in their lives.

What would your life be like if you:

  • ​Understand what sabotages you and why?

  • Become aware of what drives your choices and actions?

  • Had the courage to communicate healthy money agreements?

  • Knew how to deal with moody and emotionally volatile people?

Workshop Highlights


This is no ordinary money workshop! There are lots of money, wealth and abundance classes and programs. Believe me, I’ve tried many of them!

This course is different in 4 ways.


  1. The focus is on how you feel about yourself. This is the biggest component that is left out of many programs!

  2. You’ll understand the amplified, special challenges of a intuitive or sensitive person. Get the insights and experience of one intuitive (me) who has experienced it and figured out how to make the most of these special talents.

  3. Before the workshop starts, you’ll receive your Astrology, Numerology, Human Design and Soul Profile birth codes and blueprint. This is a huge aid in understanding what you experienced as a child, validates what you know and shows you the places you’ve overlooked. This information will help you discern your natural Wealth and Abundance code and understand how your sensitive nature is affected by others.

  4. Classes are limited to 10 people so that each person gets personalized attention. Short one on one coaching guides you to see yourself differently and embrace your uniqueness and special abilities. You will have time to ask questions and get a deeper understanding about how you relate to your money, your attitudes about wealth and abundance and the obstacles that limit your ability to receive. You will receive exercises to deepen your connection with your inner value.

Objective: Raise awareness about beliefs, attitudes and behaviors relating to money and wealth by understanding that wealth and money is a direct reflection of how one perceives one’s value and one’s self worth. This workshop addresses the special challenges of sensitive people. People who are very intuitive, sensitive to the emotions and environment around them and have a lot of openness in their Human Design Chart.


Session 1: Self Perception & Values

  • How others perceive you

  • Identifying your core values

  • Bring awareness to your wealth comfort zone

  • Your definition of wealth

  • Aligning your actions to create abundance

  • Shifting your perceptions of value with guilt-free pleasure

  • See yourself as the most important asset in your life

Session 2: Wealth Challenges For The Intuitive/Sensitive Person

  • The hazards of openness in your chart

  • Coping behaviors that deny self value

  • Dealing with emotionally volatile people

  • Asking for a raise

  • The challenge of boundaries

Session 3: Your Wealth Design

  • Discover how you are designed to receive wealth

  • Uncover your resource management skills in your charts

  • Make peace with “lack”

  • How you push away money and abundance

  • The need to prove yourself or be accepted for who you are

  • The value of built-in conundrums contained in your birth codes

Session 4: Your Hidden Motivations

  • What blocks your ability to receive

  • How conditioning from parents, family, teachers and religions sabotage you

  • Understand the need for recognition, control or inadequacy

  • Uncover what gets you cross-wise with abundance

  • Soul contracts, vows and past life events

  • Strengthen your connection with Source/Divine

Session 5: Recognizing Self-Worth & Money Messages

  • Understand the Law of Resonance and reflections of yourself

  • What people and your pets show you about yourself

  • The message from your bank account

  • Utilizing messages from your inner guidance to make choices

  • Practical stems to managing your resources

Session 6: Determining Your Value

  • How to determine your value in relationships, at your job or in your business

  • The value of self care

  • Saying NO without guilt

  • How to use your body as a ‘value meter’

  • The importance of gratitude

  • The effect of your accomplishments, education and hobbies


BONUS Q & A Call
Get your questions answered. This call is for questions about the course. It is not the venue to do individual intuitive readings.

BONUS Private Facebook Group

BONUS FREE "The Tao of Yahtzee" eBook. Understand your choice making style by playing the game of Yahtzee.

Each 60 minute session contains content and allows time to discuss how the information relates to you. So that you can have individualized attention, the workshop is limited to 10 people. All sessions are recorded. As with any program, you will get out of it what you put into it.

You’re invited to embrace your preciousness

and open yourself up to receive all the wealth

and abundance you are designed to have.

Register Today!

There is space for only 10 people.
Make sure you claim your spot!
Early Bird Special $248*

*Price will go up on September 11, 2016!

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