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Welcome to January 2017

Welcome to 2017, a year for leaving a legacy and of instant manifestation.

Similar to last November, in numerology, January is a number 11 Universal Month. The difference is that the 11 energy of 2016 was about letting go and breaking free of the past. In this new year, the 11 energy focuses more upon double new beginnings, standing on your own two feet, and using your intuition to break through traditional approaches and manifest something truly unique.

The master number 11 reduces to the number 2, the number representing feminine energy. One characteristic of the number 2 is surrender. It also represents diplomatic communication, especially within relationships.

On January 12, there is a Cancer Full Moon at 22 degrees. This amplifies the master 11 and number 2 energy of the month. The number 22 is about building strong and stable relationships that are emotionally meaningful. Take the wisdom from beyond and create a plan or strategy that supports the relationship.

On January 28, there is an Aquarian New Moon. This provides a chance to explore the past with sensitivity and compassion and tell new, unusual, innovative and futuristic stories.

Mercury goes direct on January 8. Start talking about what you really want, not only for yourself, but for the world. On January 12, Saturn shifts from the gate of honesty and integrity in Human Design, to the gate of ideas, amplifying the galactic theme of becoming great by discerning practical ideas from delusions and waiting for the correct timing to implement those ideas.

On January 20th, Uranus shifts from arousing and provoking to energy of completion and finishing things. As with anything Uranian, expect the unexpected.

Human Design Sun Themes for January:

  • 1/1: Provocation and fighting for a honorable cause

  • 1/5: Initiation into enlightenment

  • 1/11: Creating practical solutions by accessing Divine Wisdom

  • 1/16: Telling new stories about resources

  • 1/22: Creating influence through holding the vision

  • 1/27: Re-writing the past with compassion and sensitivity

You may find yourself in conversations about the importance of self love and empowerment, joy, fighting for a honorable cause and how to achieve enlightenment.

In your relationships, themes of seeking harmony by dealing with doubts and surrendering to a higher force or Spirit, repeat throughout the month.

Jupiter remains in the position of endurance and knowing the right timing to put your plans into motion. It’s about holding out with sincerity, purity and persistence, over the long term. The reward is prosperity and solid, long-term business relationships.

We are starting a new year which portends to be an incredible year, filled with promise and transformation. Take care of your physical body, watch your thoughts and emotions, as what you think about and feel the strongest will become your reality.

Each one of us relate to these cosmic energies in our own special way. It helps to have your Astro-Numerology and Human design charts handy to see how the shifting planets affect you. If you don't have your charts and would like know what themes you were born with, you're invited to contact me with your birth information. I can create your charts and a short personalized summary for a nominal fee.

Happy 2017!

Elaine Correia

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