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April: Navigating The Retrogrades

Are you feeling the effects of the retrogrades yet?

We will have an opportunity to review in depth, many aspects of our lives during the course of this month. In Numerology, April has the energy of the media number, seeing situations from all sides and change. So whatever secrets are revealed due to deep exploration may very well become public. This can be global exposure, such as with governments and countries or more personally, such as in your relationships or work life. It's a time to get clear and risk expressing what is important in your life.

Allow me to explain these dynamic and conflicting energies more complete. On the one hand, the Numerology of April is about public communication, such as stories revealed through writing, art or the media. Normally this is auspicious for getting your message out, a good time to market your business and become more of a public figure.

However, we go into April with Venus and Jupiter retrograde. April 6th, Saturn goes retrograde and on April 9th, Mercury follows suit. Venus starts moving forward again on April 16. Pluto joins the reversing planets on April 20th. These planetary movements, especially from deeply impactful, long term major influencers like Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, causes one to take a good, long, hard look at where we are going, what we hope to gain and the inner tools we'll use to achieve our goals.

When you combine the outward movement of April's Numerology with the inward and reflective properties of the retrograded planets, we have an opportunity to dig deep into our collective and individual consciousness and come up with something highly innovated, yet practical, that, when the timing is right, will have a global impact.

The celestial energies of April offer each of us an opportunity to take a serious look at our life. Questions you can ask yourself are:

  • How can you bring more balance and harmony into your relationships, not only with others, but with yourself, your money and abundance, your environment?

  • How much are you taking care of and valuing yourself?

  • What do you spend the most time thinking about?

  • What does the little voice in your head typically say?

  • What brings meaning to your life?

  • What would your life look like if you were living your heart's desire?

  • What ideas do you have that can actually be executed effectively and successfully now?

  • Are you willing to do what it takes or just talk about it?

  • What inner powers do you have that you can use to take actions towards your ideal life?

  • Do you feel safe tapping into your inner power to accomplish the life you are destined to live?

Take your time answering these questions. In fact answer them now, then come back to them in a few days, a couple of weeks and even later. You have time to reflect until the major planets move forward again.

April 11 brings the Libra Full Moon. It offers a powerful, upbeat, creative and innovative period to the mix of introspection and deep reflection of April's celestial energies. It supports taking a loving look at your values and roles in relationship to your family, friends and the people with whom you work, with an eye towards creating more harmony. It urges the right timing for endings and new beginnings.

April 26 is a Taurean New Moon. Ask yourself what loving service you can be to yourself and others that brings beauty and peace to those around you and ultimately, to the world. Explore your definition of what's worth doing, that brings meaning to your life and inner satisfaction.

In Human Design, Neptune is still in the gate of doubts, logic and proof. Actually questioning and seeking proof during April will be helpful. Neptune is associated with intuition and illusions. It is easy to doubt our intuitive hits and not take action based upon our innate inner wisdom. Saturn helps with the distillation process, especially as it goes retrograde, urging us to seek out the practical ideas that can actually be manifested and are not just pipe dreams and smoke in the mirror. We are urged to formulate a step by step practical plan that will take us towards manifesting this idea at the right time.

During April (and ongoing) take care of yourself and those around you, watch how you manage your resourses, be it time, money, productivity or other people. Be aware that you may not have a much energy to do outward activities as usual. That is because energies are turned inward for a period of recharging, introspection and creating new plans. Like all in life, this cycle will pass and your outlook on life will also shift and your energy will turn outward, implementing the insights and inspirations you received during this short sabbatical.

You're invited to take advantage of the energies of April and become the adventurer of your inner worlds. Uncover the great mysteries of who you are, your inner strengths and reclaim your power. It's a very personal and private affair. However, sometimes it helps to get clarity and understanding from someone who has traveled the inner worlds before. If this is you, you're invited to a session with me.

In the meantime, enjoy the experience.

Elaine CorreiaSave

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