Activate Your Soul Purpose

Do you struggle with meaning in your life?

Do you know what is the next best step?

Your Soul has a plan. Do you know yours?

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Your birth charts give clues about your Soul's agenda, and how it goes about experiencing it.

Your Soul desires to rebalance experiences from other lives and to gain new wisdom.

Your natal charts indicate potential areas of alignment and disharmony, as well as your gifts and built-in conundrums. This session includes an interpretation of your Akashic Record and natal charts woven together by insights from your Astro-numerology, Human Design, and Elemental charts.

Often soul lessons relate to self-esteem, self-love, the courage to stand up for yourself, and making choices that align with your natural self and soul's purpose. 

Gain a deep understanding of who you are, the talents you are gifted with, and your role in our world. 

  • Receive validation that the things you do naturally are the way you are designed.

  • Expand the way you see yourself.

  • Discover a new appreciation for who you are and how you fit in.

  • Open the door to healing old wounds and past patterns. 

Receive a Light Language weaving and activation to open and release what no longer serves you and to allow you to embrace your strengths and natural talents.

You're invited to schedule now.

When you schedule a session, please send your birth information and what you most want to know and hope to change about your life. I will prepare and weave the themes of your Soul Profile, Astro-numerology, Human Design charts into a picture of who you are and how they align with your Soul's agenda.  

During a 60 minute or 120 minute recorded session, we'll discuss the energetic themes that are affecting you, including where you are now on your evolutionary path, how aligned you are with your Soul's purpose, and what you can do for the next steps.

The session includes one or more Light Language healing and activating transmissions.  The longer session allows us to explore your charts more deeply and completely.


1 hr Soul Purpose Overview  $300

2 hr In-depth Soul Purpose $500