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Do you have dreams and desires that you are afraid to pursue or that just don’t seem to happen? 

People are told by their society, by their parents, by their education, that they should have the following if they are to be happy: nice car, nice home, stable, hetero marriage, two children, one dog, fit body.

People spend their lives trying to achieve “the good life”, growing spiteful, bitter and jealous when it alludes them.


Alternatively, people who achieve “the good life” find it hollow, unfulfilling, and are constantly unsatisfied, driven to consume more, more clothes, more food, more sex.

This site offers a way to view the world differently, a way that will allow one to navigate life on her own terms, succeed in the manner best suited to her based on her divine blessings.


I invite my readers to discover their inner heroes and heroines…

Awaken your hidden strengths and abilities.  

  • Break through to self discovery and new awareness. 
  • Love and accept yourself so that true love can find you.
  • Connect to your greater Self and access guidance and cosmic wisdom.
  • Understand your role in life
  • Co-create with your loving and respectful partner. 
  • Become the heroine that you are and live  on purpose.

Become mistress of your life. 

  • Set boundaries. Say NO when appropriate.
  • Take care of yourself first without guilt.
  • Reclaim your health and vitality.
  • Have the courage and confidence to get into a career that makes the most of your talents and abilities.
  • Release restrictions and limitations created by past patterns. 
  • See adversity as a blessing and powerful opportunity for growth and transformation.
  • Feel your inner power and walk tall.

Bring magic into your life.  

  • You create your world and everything in it. 
  • Interpret the creation codes that determine who you are.
  • Utilize the art of fantasy writing to see how you can apply your unique talents in your life.
  • See adversity as a blessing and opportunity for growth and transformation. 
  • Say good-bye to past regrets and move forward with optimism and enthusiasm. 
  • Create a future filled with love, harmony and happiness.

Elaine is like my personal Oracle. She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate answers about my current situation.

Mary Ellen, Newport Oregon

Awaken Your Inner Heroine Services

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

Albert Einstein

magical lady To be the person you want to be, to succeed in any aspect of your life, including money, love, relationships or your health, it starts with forming a deeply intimate relationship with yourself.  Awaken the heroine within and master your strengths, rise from the ashes of your dragons and enjoy the life you are destined to live.  

canstockphoto15672921Much of a heroine’s role in life is solving dilemas and in the process, gaining a vast awareness about herself, her natural gifts and abilities. You were given an outline for your life in the creation language of your birth and soul codes. These codes identify who you are, your natural abilities, strengths, life challenges, personality, life agenda, reason you are here and the way you authentically express yourself.   

canstockphoto13137780Often you can’t see your true essence because of what and how you are told you should be. The real you becomes hidden behind a facade you created as a result of what parents, teachers, and society tell you. You can’t see your hidden strengths and don’t recognize them as the natural abilities that make you strong. Putting words to what you feel will help you identify what is hidden and bring inspiration and clarity to any situation you face.  

“We are Creator’s Heart expressing through our Divinely Given Gifts.  Sometimes we  forget that.”


Intuitive Readings and Coaching

You are invited to awaken the powerful, confident and resourceful heroine within.

Knowledge is power. Knowing how to implement that knowledge gives you the power to consciously take charge and  make an impact on your life.  
 You are not only going to find out your strengths and natural gifts through these offerings but you will also find out how to implement your gifts, see how they have been instrumental in the lessons from your past and use them to create your ideal future.  
Single Consultations

Click for Single Consultations  Heroines are constantly faced with danger, quandaries and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Even the best heroines seek advice to get a different perspective or find the words that describe what they have been feeling.  

Awaken Your Inner Heroine VIP Day & Self Study

Click for Awaken Your Inner Heroine VIP Day Utilize a unique combination of processes to reveal the secrets of your true nature and awaken the heroine within. Includes coaching, a four part training series and comprehensive reading.  Self Study available for the self-sufficient wisdom seeker.

2015 Heroine's Celestial Forecast

Click for 2015 Heroine’s  Celestial Forecast Would you like to know what’s in store for you in 2015? 2015 will be a powerful year for manifestation, success and abundance. Understand how celestial events affect you. Progress smoothly through the turbulent times and make the most of the auspicious times. Successfully accomplish your goals. 

Awakening Packages

Click for Awakening Packages For the serious, highly sensitive heroine to become the mistress of her destiny, your best strategy is to awaken and embrace a keen awareness of your gifts, how to use them and when. Without this expanded consciousness, you are but a shadow of yourself. 

The Tao of Yahtzee

Tao of Yahatzee cover y Heroines are constantly faced with choices. How do you know the best one? This book will awaken a new awareness of your decision making stye and the “why” or what motivates your choices. Click for The Tao of Yahtzee

The Love Doctor

ebook-Sml Important Information On Understanding And Expressing True Love Love and romance often figure into a heroine’s life. Sometimes companionship and intimacy is a driving force and other times it is necessary to closely connect and align with someone to aid in overcoming challenges.  Click for The Love Doctor

Heroine’s Speak Up!

Couple Playing on a SwingAre you expressing yourself adequately?

The name of the game in Human Design is getting energy to the throat and then doing something with it- expressing that energy through words or actions. In ideal situations, this flow is free-flowing and easily moves from it’s source to outward manifestation.

We’re taught from a young age to keep quiet, only say nice things and are given a number of reasons why we shouldn’t do something. We grow up suppressing the natural way to express ourselves so that we can conform with society.  read more…

Shed Aches And Pains In Your Body

canstockphoto17744088Does your body have aches and pains or feel stiff and inflexible?

What if this is a form of long-term, unconscious protection?

Here’s an example. When an animal is abused, he or she cringes when their abuser comes around or lifts an arm. Their body tenses and they steel themselves for what could come. Some animals may growl and become threatening in response to a threat. Others skulk away, trying to be invisible. Others stay, trying to make themselves as small a target as possible. Over time, the response becomes automatic when the animal sees the person, even if the person do not interact with them of feeds them treats. read more…

December Forecast: Plant The Seeds & New Beginnings

numbers spiralLet’s welcome December with open arms and fresh, new beginnings!

Some of us are still feeling the effects of the eclipse in October and the successive new and full moons of November, dredging up our deepest secrets and shining the light of conscious awareness on them. November offered us the opportunity to release beliefs and energies that no longer serve us.

In 2014, we have been challenged to approach our lives from the perspective of looking deeply at our thoughts and belief systems, letting go of what is no longer serving and creating new attitudes and behaviors, preparing us for 2015, a year where we get to apply all the insights and transformation we created.  read more…

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Meet Elaine

Elaine is a healer and psychic, using her talents to help people discover, and embrace, their inner heroes and heroines. Elaine recognizes that many people feel unfulfilled without knowing why, without knowing how to change and improve themselves. She has created a process, using astrology and human design theory, to “awaken” your inner hero and heroine. The process of self-discovery allows you to understand your divine and learned gifts and how best to use them to overcome life’s challenges. For more information, please visit the Meet Elaine page.