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Do things happen to you that seem beyond your control?

Do you feel lost and ready for change? You know there is something important to do but you don’t know what it is or how to get it?

People are told by their society, by their parents, by their education, that they should have the following if they are to be happy: nice car, nice home, stable marriage, two children, one dog, fit body.

People spend their lives trying to achieve “the good life”, growing spiteful, bitter and jealous when it alludes them. Alternatively, people who achieve “the good life” find it hollow, unfulfilling, and are constantly unsatisfied, driven to consume more, more clothes, more food, more sex.

Take charge of your life and stop being a victim of your circumstances!

     ~ Reveal the hidden you, who you are and what you can do.

     ~ Connect to your inner, wise self.

     ~ Know the best course of action.

     ~ Listen to your spirit team and divine self for guidance.

     ~ Make peace with your fears.

     ~ Trust your intuition to discern the truth.

     ~ Move confidently and powerfully forward towards your goals.

     ~ Attract a life of peace, harmony and love.

     ~ Become one of the “100 Monkey’s” effect to usher in world peace and harmony.

Learn about the power of choices and their consequences  from the life stories of souls trapped between the worlds of the living and Afterlife.

This site offers a way to view the world differently.

Awaken Your Inner Heroine Readings and Coaching offers you a way that will allow you to navigate life on your own terms, succeed in the manner best suited to you based on your divine blessings.

Awaken Your Inner Heroine


Awaken Your Inner Heroine

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I invite you to discover your inner  heroine!

Elaine is like my personal Oracle. She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate answers about my current life or relationships.

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR