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Are You Afraid

Of Your Psychic Abilities?

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Do you wish someone understood you and could help you be OK with the things you see, feel, hear or know?

People are told by their society, by their parents, by their education, that they should have the following if they are to be happy: nice car, nice home, stable marriage, two children, one dog, fit body. No where is the mention of utilizing your psychic abilities!

People spend their lives trying to achieve “the good life”, growing spiteful, bitter and jealous when it alludes them. Alternatively, people who achieve “the good life” find it hollow, unfulfilling, and are constantly unsatisfied, driven to consume more, more clothes, more food, more sex.

When you are afraid of or deny an important part of yourself such as your psychic abilities, you stay in a perpetual state of searching, yearning for connection.

There are three steps to awakening your psychic spark of genius.

1. Know yourself. Reveal the hidden you, who you are and  how you can apply your special talents.

2. Uncover the deep, hidden motivations that keep you from recognizing and living your true talents.  

3. Take guided action.

This site offers a way to view your innate abilities and the world differently.

Readings, Energetic Clearing and Coaching offers you a way that will allow you to navigate life on your own terms, succeed in the manner best suited to you based on your divine blessings.

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I invite you to awaken your psychic spark of genius.

Live your life as your own heroine!

Elaine is like my personal Oracle. She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate answers about my current life or relationships.

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR