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If you are not being you, who are you being

Loving relationships and intimate connections with your Beloved require that you know and love yourself first.

Are You:

  • Searching for something missing from your life?
  • Actively working on your spiritual evolution?
  • Wonder who you really are and why you are here?
  • Feel misunderstood and unappreciated?
  • Searching for love and acceptance?
  • Needing to prove your value to yourself and others?
  • Questioning what is worth the struggle?
  • Tired of pleasing others?
  • Feeling there is a better way, but are afraid of the consequences of change?   


What would your life be like if you have a person on your team who:

  • Is like your personal oracle, delivering the right information to you exactly when you need it to resolve something you struggle with?
  • Sees your life challenges from a different perspective and has access to information from other realms?
  • Sets an example of how to work through challenges without giving up, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? This translates to living life on purpose.
  • Doesn’t settle for superficial answers or results?
  • Is a highly sensitive psychic, trained in many healing modalities,  ancient philosophies and paranormal? 


Live your life on your  terms. Become your own Heroine!

I invite you to awaken your spark of genius

and your hidden talents with the following services.


Your personal psychic messenger will:

  • Activate, animate and energize your inner heroine.
  • Guide you through your fears of the unknown by seeing a bigger perspective.
  • Acquaint you with your deepest drives and motivations. Get to the root cause of your challenges.
  • Teach you about the blessings of your natural talents and psychic gifts and how to utilize them.
  • Encourage you to see challenges as opportunities.
  • Show you how to discern which opportunities are worth pursuing.
  • Know who you are and why you are here. Make peace with the ghosts in your closet. 
  • Connect to your Divine Self and All That Is.
  • Demonstrate how to feel safe,  receive love, appreciation, respect and acceptance from others.

Elaine is like my personal Oracle.

She provides me insights and new

perspectives  that I use to formulate

answers about my current life or


Mary Ellen, Newport, OR