“You are the Creator’s Heart expressing through your divinely given gifts.”


Do you find yourself confused about who you are and what you want?

Do you wonder what is “right” for you?

Do you yearn for a true intimacy and a deep connection with yourself, your partner and life?


You can have the answers that give you clarity and direction in your life; answers that make your challenges little bumps in the road instead of huge roadblocks!

There is one key ingredient that makes it all possible.


Roadblocks, inner conflicts and indecision are commonly caused by:

  • Misunderstandings about your natural gifts and life mission.
  • Conditioning to be who you are not.
  • Unresolved past experiences, such as blaming others, drama and hurt feeling.

Imagine what your life  would be like if you loved and accepted yourself. Your life would flow more smoothly, life would be easier. You could be vulnerable and intimate with your partner and comfortable with your coworkers, feel confident about your game plan and allow other’s their opinions without taking it personally. Your life would be more peaceful, relaxed and happier.

You can start using these tools today, right now! Start by signing up for my FREE Report at the top of this page.

“Elaine is like my personal Oracle. She provides me insights and new perspectives I use to formulate answers about my current situation.”

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR

I’ve been awakening and connecting people to the sacred, powerful and wise inner part of themselves, for years. I offer services that open the door for you to break free from the un-serving patterns from your past, whether from this life or prior lifetimes, so that you can create the abundance, love and true intimacy you are designed to have.

I use my intuitive ability, vast training and your Higher Self to select the modality that will best serve you in reclaiming your true Self and healing your past. Each session is customized to your particular situation and energetic design and allows you to make peace with patterns from your past, even prior lifetimes, that keep you stuck and unclear about your direction. Then you can confidently move forward.

I invite you to trust that you will get exactly the answers that you need at the moment you need them.


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