Heal Your Body

Healing Your Perception Of Yourself

 Liberate The Secret Power Of Your Healthy Heroess

Are you dissatisfied with your health?

Are you plagued by chronic stress,  pain and other debilitating illnesses?

Do you struggle with obstacles, roadblocks and challenges in your life? 

What does  Health, Stress and Personal Growth have in common? 

Stress = health disruption.

Health challenges = motivation to heal.

Healing = personal growth.

Personal growth =  becoming a Healthy Heroess!

Healthy Heroess = reduced stress and vibrant health.

 You know there has to be a better way. Your intuition tells you that there is something missing,  that there is a solution to your problems, yet the answers seem to elude you. 

Do you wish you could find out-of-the-box solutions  because the ‘tried and true’ solutions don’t seem to work?

life sucks

Is the life you are living the right one for you?

There’s hope!

Disharmony in your body is like your best friend nudging you towards becoming the best that you can be. When you listen to your body’s wisdom, you’ll be guided toward thoughts, behaviors and actions that align with who you are meant to be. 

The key to healing your health and ultimately, your life, is to become aware of your energetic blueprint that defines who you are, what you are really good at and how you can express yourself authentically.

Raising your awareness about your hidden motivations, limitations and listening to the not-so-quiet whisperings of your body all conspire to awaken the Heroess’ super power within, transforming your life, bringing you into alignment with your destiny and restoring your physical vitality. 

Here’s how:

I invite you to discover the root causes of disharmony in your body and in your life. You are a whole being, so when your body is out of cadence, it affects everything else in your life, including relationships, money and your happiness.

digging hole womanDig into the hidden messages of your stress, illness or pain. Often it is only a matter of becoming aware of the inner conflict created by the disharmony between the way you live and the way you are energetically designed. This shows up as hidden beliefs about your lovability, your courage, ability to make good decisions, how much you trust yourself and how you treat yourself.treasure cave500


Imagine making peace with your health challenges by understanding the root cause of  the disharmony that unbalances your body. 

Elaine is like my personal Oracle.

She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate

answers about my current life or relationships.

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR

I invite you to awaken a new perception about yourself, re-write the story you live, discover and utilize your hidden talents to handle anything that comes your way.

Unmask the reasons for stress and ill health and re-create yourself with vitality and joy in your heart.

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