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ou create your world and everything in it.

When you raise your self awareness, you become mistress of your life.

Release restrictions and limitations created by past patterns.


See adversity as a blessing and powerful opportunity for transformation. 


Break through to self discovery and new awareness. 


 Create a future filled with love, harmony and happiness.

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Elaine is like my personal Oracle. She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate answers about my current situation.

Mary Ellen, Newport Oregon

Intuitive Readings and Consultations

Do you have dreams and desires that you are afraid to pursue or that just don’t seem to happen? 


“We are Creator’s Heart expressing through our Divinely Given Gifts.

Sometimes we  forget that.”

Single Consultations

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Heroines are constantly faced with danger, quandaries and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Even the best heroines seek advice to get a different perspective or find the words that describe what they have been feeling.  

2015 Heroine Forecast

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Would you like to know what’s in store for you in 2015?

2015 will be a powerful year for manifestation, success and abundance. Understand how celestial events affect you. Progress smoothly through the turbulent times and make the most of the auspicious times. Successfully accomplish your goals. 

Awaken Your Inner Heroine VIP Day

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Utilize a unique combination of processes to reveal the secrets of your true nature and awaken the heroine within. Includes coaching, a four part training series and comprehensive reading. 

Awakening Packages

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For the serious, highly sensitive heroine to become the mistress of her destiny, your best strategy is to awaken and embrace a keen awareness of your gifts, how to use them and when. Without this expanded consciousness, you are but a shadow of yourself. 

Heroine Tools & Products

The Tao of Yahtzee

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Heroines are constantly faced with choices. How do you know the best one? This book will awaken a new awareness of your decision making stye and the “why” or what motivates your choices.

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The Love Doctor


Important Information On Understanding And Expressing True Love

Love and romance often figure into a heroine’s life. Sometimes companionship and intimacy is a driving force and other times it is necessary to closely connect and align with someone to aid in overcoming challenges. 

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Even Heroine’s Cringe From The Power Of The Bark!

Nadia & ScootCan your heroine hold her own against the power of the “Bark?”

Allow me to explain.

I watched my Italian Greyhound express his frustration with the cat. He is a high energy animal and looks for places to release excess energy. He is also highly sensitive.

The cat tends to also be highly sensitive and timid. But she can also be a trouble maker and has a vindictive streak. She will deliberately lay in front of his food or water dish or in front of the dog door, looking purposefully innocent when Scooter wants a drink or to go outside.  She refuses to move. read more…

Even Heroines Have Trouble Saying NO!

perplexed golf ball croppedHave you found yourself in a position where your mouth says “yes” and your gut instinct cringes? You secretly hope something happens so you don’t have to fulfill your promise.

Maybe your partner or your kids want you to spend time with them when you are busy or won’t give you quality private time to read, study or work on your hobbies. Or your friends urge you to stay out late, even though you have to get up early the next morning. Or your in-laws needle you with veiled insults. Then there are the clients who want you to work on their schedule and boss who denies your needs.

read more…

Even Heroines Feel Alone!

bigstock_Loving_Swans_Forming_A_Heart_5089861We struggle with our lives, our world, our partner and family. We feel like its us against the world and that life conspires to thwart our every desire. We feel alone, isolated and separate. Deep inner drives urge us to team up with others, connect with our cosmic family and Creator/Source.

I’ve been reading a book about healing where the author suggests that many illness and health problems are the result of feeling isolated and alone, separate and powerless over our lives at the hidden, deepest levels.

While this sounds simplified, there is some truth to it.

read more…

Meet Elaine

Elaine is a professional healer and psychic. Her work merges the earthly world of business and financial resources and the world of the spiritual magician, comprised of many healing and energy modalities, mystical arts and spirituality.

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