Elaine Correia

Spirit Woman & Healer

Embrace Your Intuition &  

Heal Your Self Perceptions

Do  you feel lost, a stranger on a planet called Earth and don’t know why you are here, what to do or who to ask for guidance? 

Are you perpetually on a quest to reconnect with something lost or mislaid, but you don’t know exactly what you are looking for or where it is?

Do you wonder why life as a human is so much harder than you think it should be? 

You’re invited to Embrace Your Intuition the bridge between the physical world and the unseen, where the answers dwell.
Intuition Connects You With Your Divine Self where you can  Heal Your Perception About Yourself and your past.

    • Awaken your super powers,
    • Have the clarity and direction you desire,
    • Live your life on purpose, 
  • Fulfill your mission, 
  • Experience the magic in your life,  
  • Feel whole once again. 


As your Healer, we will address the following areas: 

You & Your Intuition

  • Develop your 6th sense
  • Identify your unique method of receiving intuitive insights
  • Interpret what your ‘gut feeling’ is telling you
  • Connect with your Spirit Team
  • Trust your intuition

You & Your Self Perception

  • Heal your perception about yourself
  • Love and accept yourself
  • Understand how your past made you the person you are today
  • Embrace your special talents and super powers

You & Your Spiritual Connection

  • Build a practical relationship with the Divine
  • Know what fulfilling role you play in the world
  • Expand your awareness
  • Learn tools to grow and evolve spiritually

Elaine is like my personal Oracle. She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate answers about my current life or relationships.

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR

You're Invited To Go On A Journey Of Self-Discovery

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Trust your INTUITION.

See yourself as PRECIOUS.

Live your DESTINY

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