If You Don’t Know Who You Are, Who Will?

Heal Your Perception About Yourself (and Your Life!)

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Secrets Of Your Soul

A brand new form of reading.

From your birth information and life situation that you would like to change emerges a custom made story, channeled from your team of guides, teachers and angels.

Experience yourself as you are designed to be.

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A fantasy novel about the spiritual transformation of an ordinary woman, also a healer, who, despite her fears,  awakens her divinely given gifts, travels across the continent to find  her soul mate and together, save the world from an alien invasion. 

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Liberate The Hidden Power Of Your Inner Heroine

Do you struggle with obstacles, roadblocks and challenges? 

 You know there has to be a better way. Your intuition tells you that there is something missing,  that there is a solution to your problems, yet the answers seem to elude you. 

Do you wish you could find out-of-the-box solutions  because the ‘tried and true’ solutions don’t seem to work?

Is the story you are living the right one for you?

There’s hope!

Live your life aligned with your heart and your highest purpose.

Make heart based choices without fear of repercussions or guilt.

Allow your work to become love made visible.

Feel peace in your body, love from your partner and joy about your life.

Here’s how:

Re-write your current life story.

Liberate your Inner Heroine and allow her to use her specially designed talents.

Become  fully equipped to handle whatever life throws at you. 

Understand your power and make choices that align with your greater purpose.

Elaine is like my personal Oracle.

She provides me insights and new perspectives  that I use to formulate

answers about my current life or relationships.

Mary Ellen, Newport, OR

I invite you to awaken a new reality about yourself, re-write the story you live, discover and utilize your hidden talents to handle anything that comes your way.

Attract your ideal career or job, your soul mate, improve your health and feel inner peace and harmony with all. 

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