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The Rebel Healer Series

Metaphysical - Visionary - Mystical
Where Fantasy and Personal Transformation Merge

The Rebel Healers

A Women's Fantasy Adventure

Book 1 of The Rebel Healer Series

A world in chaos. A powerful woman who does not yet know what she is capable of. A sorcerer who has stolen a piece of her soul. Can she discover her magic in time to save her island? 

The Rebel Healers

The Rebel Healers

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 "It’s one of those stories where curiosity keeps the pages turning even when there are other things to do or when my eyes get tired."    Patricia F. 

"A wealth of thought-provoking entertainment."


Not only is this a compelling novel, but it's a straight-up healing activation for those of us who come from lineages where our gifts have been in bondage. Bravo!” Sandy F.


“I love how the story unfolds from two perspectives: The Healers and the Hunters.” Human Design Tools. 

The Kurat Curses

A Women's Fantasy Adventure

Book 2 of The Rebel Healer Series

Forbidden to use her magical talents by the corrupt Gra'Bandia Council, can one woman defy the invaders and bring the needed change to save her island homeland?