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“You can’t deny your life’s mission.

Your destiny will find you no matter how fast or far you run from it.”

Nana Magog, The Rebel Healers

Mystical - visionary
Fantasy Novels


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The Rebel Healer Series

Available On Amazon

Fictional stories that inspire personal development and a sustainable vision for the future.

Follow the Healer, Ellara, as she discovers her hidden powers to defend the peaceful, sustainable lifestyle against patriarchal forces that threaten women's rights, freedom, and sovereignty. 

The Rebel Healers’ challenges become a representation of the quest for love, safety, survival, and meaning in life that we face every day.


Apply Ellara’s wisdom and insights as a guide to working through one’s own challenges and developing a peaceful way to rebalance the tug-o-war between the light and dark forces within ourselves and in our world.

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“A book for these times we're living in. A great reminder, particularly for women to stand in our Sovereign power making choices for change and creating a world we can all thrive in!!!” Robin DV

Decoding The Soul

Soul Purpose Mastery  Sessions

Unlock Your Inner Power

Fulfill Your Purpose

Become The Healer The World Needs

Available on Amazon

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To those who know they have a destiny

but don't know what it is or are afraid.

May you find courage

and inspiration here.


"Each of us has a deeper potential and purpose that we often dare not give ourselves permission to embrace until we are older when the heroine’s journey of our soul begins in earnest.” From Lessons for the Goddess-Born.


Your life is a journey toward self-mastery.  It involves learning to thrive in the outer world as well as an exploration into your inner world, where you discover your magic and soul nature.


Self-discovery, raising self-awareness, and developing a robust understanding of your soul's bigger role in your life, bring meaning, magic, and flow into your daily life. You gain the tools to cope with challenging situations and become appreciative of everyone around you. You share your positive energy with the world and make a difference.

Meet Elaine, your guide into the unseen (but felt), mystical realms.

Our world is engaged in a contest between the forces of light and dark. Elaine is part of a cosmic collective of Light Guides whose mission is to restore balance and harmony between these forces, and shepherd in a new era of conscious living. This theme is the driving force in the creation of her fantasy stories and in awakening her clients.


She has spent her life peeling back the many layers of herself on a quest to know the truth of who she is. This journey has included traversing the inner and outer realms of entrepreneurship, relationships, health and healing, creative self-expression and writing, and spiritual growth. 

Allow Elaine to take you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Awaken and embrace your life purpose and soul mission. Become a ray of hope and light as we birth a new world.

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