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Decoding Your Soul  Series

Self Discovery and Personal Development Books

Look deeper into your own awareness for clues to the destinies you can choose for yourself and for the world. Dig deeply into your heart to question the ways you see yourself in the world, and consider different choices that can expand your gifts of empathy, intuition, and compassion.


Allow me to share my wisdom and insights as a guide to working through your challenges and developing a peaceful way to rebalance the tug-o-war between the light and dark forces within yourself and in our world.


To affect change for the world is always present as an ultimate goal of the work to expand self-awareness. It’s an enormous goal that plays out through challenges such as the quest for love, safety, survival, and finding meaning in life that we face every day. Bring this goal to change the world closer to simple, personal, achievable goals.


In the Grand Scheme of things, looking deeper into one’s self comes first.


Reclaim and stand in your own power, free your creativity, and follow your inner calling for doing work that warms your heart. 

My goal is to support you on your journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment with the tools and resources you can use to tap into your inner strength and become the powerful, authentic person you are meant to be.

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