Metaphysical-Visionary Fantasy meets Self-Discovery 
Reclaim Yourself

The Fractured Soul Series

A world in chaos. A powerful woman who does not yet know what she is capable of. A sorcerer who has stolen a piece of her soul.

Can she discover her magic in time? 

Forced into a life she didn't want, Ellara faces challenges where the only solution to save her children, island, and its people from a conspiracy by the Droc'ri sorcerers to dominate the world is to learn more about her hidden powers.

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A cleric steals Ellara's daughter. She fears the cleric is making good on his threat. Can she save her child from death at the bottom of the cliffs?


A bonus chapter/ prelude for The Rebel Healers.

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To those who know they have a destiny

but don't know what it is or are afraid

May you find courage and inspiration here.

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