To those who know they have a purpose
but don't know what it is
or are afraid to step into it.
May you find the courage to set yourself free here.

I'm so grateful to have found Elaine at a time when I was searching for meaning and purpose. Her reading gave me exactly what I needed: confirmation and direction. The fact that her knowledge base is so wide really accentuated the reading in ways that astounded me. She was a perfect choice. Thank you again. 

Debra Q.

elaine &unicorn in forest.jpg

We live in an era of change. While we may see change as beneficial, we also seek certainty, the known and familiar. I have discovered that the peace and safety I desire can come only from within and from connecting to my higher being.


I have lived my life finding ways to heal from a less than ideal past, from current challenges, and the stories I believed about myself. Along the way, I've gathered tools that have helped me continue to expand my awareness and evolve.  I'd love to share these tools with you. 


I create a safe space for you to experience being seen for who you are, to recognize a new perspective about yourself, discover why you are really here, and connect with your soul.

Let me be your guide on an adventure into your inner Being.

Thank you so much Elaine. You truly gave me clarity and perspective. I would love to talk to you again as I move forward.

~Pam S. ~