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Your Inner Power

Fulfill Your Purpose

Uplift the World

Self Mastery Readings- Coaching - Training

Mystical - visionary Fantasy Novels 

Become the Healer The World Needs

Keep the Magic Alive 
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Where Fantasy Meets Self Mastery

The Rebel Healer Series

What better way to awaken your desire to become your own heroine than to have it represented through mystical fantasy stories? 

Follow the Healer, Ellara, as she discovers her hidden powers to defend the peaceful, sustainable lifestyle against patriarchal forces that threaten women's rights, freedom, and sovereignty. 

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Coming Soon 

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Decoding The Soul

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Self-Mastery  Sessions

Life is a journey toward self-mastery.  It is not only learning to thrive in the outer world but also a quest into your inner world where you can discover your own inner magic and soul nature.


Tap into the hidden power within by exploring and making peace with the shadowy side of your nature. 

Come face to face with your fears, beliefs, and behaviors that hide in the shadows and quietly influence your choices, health, work, relationships, and satisfaction with life.


Create a meaningful life and make a difference.

To those who know they have a destiny

but don't know what it is or are afraid.

May you find courage

and inspiration here.

Meet Elaine, your guide into the unseen (but felt), mystical realms.

She has spent her life peeling back the many layers of herself on a quest to know the truth of who she is. This journey has traveled through the life areas of business, relationships, health, creative self-expression, and spiritual growth. 

Our world is in the throws of transformation, and each of us has a role to play.  Join Elaine on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Become a ray of hope and light for others to follow as we join together to birth a new world.

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