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Fulfill Your Purpose

 Resilience Assessment

Don't think about your response. 

Answer quickly, by using your body's wisdom and visceral responses. If you have to stop and think, then the answer is NO.  

  1. Do you feel acknowledged and understood for who you really are?

  2. Are you open to giving and receiving love?

  3. Do you feel lovable?

  4. Do you feel powerful?

  5. Do you feel like you have control over your reality?

  6. Are you elegant and impactful with your power?

  7. Are you courageous and do what you want to be doing?

  8. Do you take leaps of faith?

  9. Do you move through challenges gracefully?

  10. Do you make good, strong decisions for yourself?

  11. Are you comfortable making important choices in your life?

  12. Do you know how to choose what's right for you?

  13. Do you trust your emotions?

  14. Do you express yourself freely and gracefully?

  15. Are you comfortable with all of your feelings?

  16. Can you manage your emotional energy effectively?

  17. Do you trust yourself?

  18. Do you trust your intuition? 

  19. Do you feel connected to the Divine/ Source/ Spirit? 

  20. Are you energetic and full of vitality?

  21. Do you know when enough is enough?

  22. Do you feel like you have the vitality and resilience for anything?

  23. Are you truly expressing your greatness?

  24. Do you feel it is safe to be you?

  25. Do you feel supported in being who you are? 

  26. Do you value yourself?

  27. Do you value what you do?

  28. Do you feel deserving and precious?

  29. Do you feel free to choose how you want to live your life?

  30. Do you love yourself?

Questions courtesy of Karen Curry Parker's Healing by Human Design 

Interpreting the results. 

The answers to these questions represent key emotional patterns that affect all aspects of your life and influence your health, love and relationships, career and work-life, spiritual connections, and overall satisfaction and joy in life. 

Tally the number of yes's and no's. 

If you have 20 or more yes answers, then pat yourself on the back. You have done a lot of work on yourself and are connected to living in alignment with your Soul. 

If you have 15-20 yes answers, then you are well on your way.

Less than 15 yes answers indicate that you have a great opportunity to up your life game and take charge of your life. You are being offered a choice to step into your power, take charge of your life, and start utilizing the powerful gifts you were given.

Would you like to change the NO answers to a resounding YES?

Here's how!

Imagine if you could turn the No's into Yes's? What would your life be like? How would you re-write your story with you as the heroine? 


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Holy sh*t!!!! You have no idea how this speaks to me!  Thank always, your timing is on the mark!

Mary Ellen, Newport, Oregon

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