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Astro-Elements Reading

Does your Astrology or Human Design chart seem overwhelming? 

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We are familiar with or feel the effects of the earth, the wind, fire, and water. 

  • Fire provides light and warmth. Fire dances with life.

  • Water holds information, flows, and over time, has the power to transform the world. 

  • Earth provides the ground upon which we stand. From Earth comes food and stability.

  • We need Air to breathe.

It's easy to see these primary elemental forces. We also see the effects when one element or another gets out of balance, such as forest fires, floods, polluted air, or earthquakes. 

The principles of Elements have been the foundation of ancient medicine, and traditional eastern medicine. The practice is to restore harmony between the elemental forces so that the organism can fully function. 

The energetics of elements can be deciphered from your birth charts. 

Because we are surrounded by the physical expression of the elements and can observe their behavior, it is one of the easiest windows into your nature.

  • Are you an emotional, watery person?

  • Or a fiery, high-spirited person?

  • Do you love to talk?

  • Or do you feel satisfied only when you have accomplished something? 

What if you are missing an element, or have too much of another? 

Understanding your elemental nature and that of another can make your life easier to navigate. When you know you are highly intuitive and can only handle high-energy people in small doses, then you can stop judging yourself and know this is the way you are designed. Then you can explore the invitation this energy offers you so that you can master its gifts. 

You're invited to explore your elements.

  • Understand your strengths.

  • Discover how to awaken them if they have been suppressed.

  • Validate what you know to be true about yourself, but are afraid to accept. 

  • Turn your understanding of the elements into a daily tool for any situation.

This session uses your Astro-numerology chart to calculate your elemental nature. I will need your birth information to create your chart. We meet on Zoom for a 45-minute session. Bring your challenges and we can discuss what elements are being activated, challenged, or can be used to support you through your challenge. 

Astro-Elemental Reading  $200

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