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Have the courage to follow the path of your destiny.

Metaphysical - Visionary - Mystical Fantasy Stories

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Books 1 & 2
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The Rebel Healers

Loyalties collide in this captivating female-driven epic fantasy!

When her mate is killed, and her adult children are shipped away, 42-year-old Ellara is thrust into a high-stakes contest to protect her homeland. As a Gra’Bandia Healer, Ellara’s first inclination is a peaceful resolution, but the corrupted Council of Healers allows the iron-fisted rule of patriarchy to invade and subjugate the citizens of Alba.

Publishing Progress

The Leonini Codes

The Leonini Codes offer an insight into Ellara’s world. It is a treasure trove of knowledge and practical exercises that form an essential companion to the Fractured Soul series. 


Publishing Progress

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Coming Soon on Amazon

Books for Self-Transformation

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Your Monthly Oracle

Do you struggle with accomplishing a goal? And the more you try, the more frustrated and exhausted you become?


What if your struggles are simply the result of misaligned timing?


The Tao of Yahtzee

Do you struggle with making choices, especially ones that are important? 

What if you had a safe place to experiment with making choices so that you can understand the unique factors that you use? 

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