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Communication Elemental Style

Are you a fiery or a practical person?

Let's find out!

Raise your self awareness.

Work together and receive life's blessings.

"I  learned through the reading, that areas of my life where I judged myself,  are really how I’m designed to be. The reading brought me a great sense of peace and eliminated the guilt I felt about my role in relationships."

~Sara C, Toledo, OR

Communication Elemental Style

This is a brand new partnership reading based upon your elemental personality and the way you engage with your life.

People are often a part of reaching your goals. Success comes from being able to communicate effectively. 
Understand your communication style and learn the secrets to having your message understood by others.

Use this session as a way to understand your partner, parents, children, boss, coworkers or those you communicate with regularly.
This session blends Human Design, Elemental Astrology, and Numerology intuitive interpretations of
both your and your partner's charts. 

Communication Elemental Style

Since ancient times, philosophers and healers have made sense of the world through the concept of elements and their relationship to each other. You walk on Earth, you breathe Air, the Sun warms you and your body is mostly Water.

The elements are not only the building blocks and a way to describe the physical world but can also be used to interpret your primal drives, your automatic responses, and your personality quirks.  Each elemental personality has an unique pattern of expressing itself, responding to change, and way she relates to life. 


For example, an Earth person is more methodical, practical, and strategic than a passionate and impulsive Fire person who just wants to get things done right now! When it comes to communication, these same themes play out. 

Understanding how your and your partner's elements play together can smooth out the bumps, help you figure out how and when to bring up important topics, and successfully collaborate together.

You're invited to discover your elemental communication style.

  • ​The natural way you express yourself,

  • Why your partner has trouble understanding you,

  • How to be heard.

What to expect with a  session:

This reading is based on the elemental themes in your birth chart. It is a fun way to see how the interactions between you and your partner play out. Imagine how Fire can scorch Earth, or turn Water to steam. Conversely, imagine Water and Earth sitting side by side in silent communication.


Apply the elemental imagery to everyday events to describe and understand what is happening between you. Then you can laugh at yourself and not take things so seriously.


We will have a 60-minute recorded conversation via Zoom to discuss your dominant elements and how they show up in your life, and your communication. We will discuss and answer questions about the challenging places in your relationship and deepen your understanding of yourself.  Your partner is welcome to join in the conversation. All sessions are recorded and you will be sent a link to the downloadable file.  I will need both your and your partner's birthdate, time, and place to create your charts. 


Communication Elemental Style  $397 

"Elaine gave me a session, don’t miss the opportunity. It was very enlightening and loving!"

~Dorothy D. Sedona AZ ~

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