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​Heal your perceptions about yourself!

You’re Invited to Embrace Your Intuition


Do you wish you had a reliable guidance system that made your life flow more easily?

Do you have questions about the things you see, hear, feel or know?

Can you trust your intuition?


Imagine you are the master of your intuition……

  • Intuition becomes your best friend, a tool to make your life easier.

  • Feel an inner power that comes from connection to your Higher Self.

  • Have access to a cosmic guidance system that has your best interests at heart.

  • Establish supportive business relationships and friendships.

  • Trust your ‘gut’ feeling.


Eight week, 60-90 minute tele class/ online workshop awakening your connection with your intuitive abilities and learning to trust the messages you receive from your Spirit Team. Classes include exercises to identify your specific intuitive style, connect with your Spirit Team, addressing blocks and limitations and awakening a deep appreciation of your abilities. Bonus Q & A call at the end.

Before the workshop begins, you will receive your Astrology, Numerology and Human Design birth charts with a general interpretation ebook.  I’ll need your full birth information – birthdate, time, place and full birth name - to create your charts.

This workshop is designed to give you personalized information about your charts and how this information plays out in your daily life. You will have time to practice using your intuition  and psychic skills in a safe environment through several fun exercises during each class.  


The focus of the workshop is on developing your intuitive talents and understanding how you receive intuitive information, by understanding yourself.  You are such a diverse and complex person that if you really want to understand a significant piece of yourself and your life, then I invite you to schedule a private session.

Embrace Your Intuition Training

Intuition Training


"To have those charts while working through my design opened the door to an awareness I have always known but without words. Simply having the vocabulary as well as the circuit diagrams brought an understanding and recognition of repeating patterns in my life. This opportunity to learn at my own pace and integrate over time is exactly what fit my learning style. The astrology and numerology tools also organized and confirmed the "what and why" that all came together."  


In love and gratitude,

Karen V. 


Week 1: Introduction To Your Intuition

  • Grounding and clearing meditation. 

  • The difference between Intuition, Psychic abilities and Auric sensing.

  • How sensitivity affects your life and intuition.

  • Visualization for Intuition, where do you feel it and what does it look like.

  • Intuition practice.

  • Questions and discussion.

Week 2: Your Psychic Channels

  • ​Grounding and clearing meditation. 

  • Visualization to identify your strongest intuitive channel(s).

  • Intuition in your Astrology chart.

  • Intuition practice.

  • Questions and discussion.

Week 3: Openness In Your Chart

  • Grounding and clearing meditation. 

  • Openness in the Human Design Chart and how you are affected.

  • The difference between Intuition, Psychic awareness and openness.

  • Intuition practice.

  • Practice using intuition through mock readings. 

  • Questions and discussion.

Week 4: Intuition in the Charts

  • Grounding and clearing meditation.

  • In-depth look at your Astrology and Numerology charts.

  • Intuition practice and mock readings. 

  • Questions and discussion.

Week 5: Intuition in the Charts (Continued)

  • ​Grounding and clearing meditation. 

  • In-depth look at your Human Design Chart.

  • Intuition practice.

  • Questions and discussion.

Week 6: Blocks and Resistance to Intuition

  • Grounding and clearing meditation. 

  • What blocks or resistance look like.

  • How to overcome them.

  • Intuition practice.

  • Practice using intuition through mock readings. 

  • Questions and discussion.

Week 7: Connecting to the Divine

  • Grounding and clearing meditation.

  • Visualization to connect with Spirit Team or Angels.

  • How to know who is talking.

  • Protecting yourself from negative forces.

  • Intuition practice. 

  • Questions and discussion



BONUS Q & A Call
Get your questions answered.This call is for questions about the course. 

BONUS Private Facebook Group
Each class will introduce you to new material. You will do some exercises to strengthen your intuitive channels and you will have time to ask questions at the end of the call. Don’t worry if you can’t make the call. Sessions are recorded and you can ask questions ahead of time and I’ll do my best to answer them during the session.

*All sessions are recorded. If you can’t make it, you can send me your questions and I’ll address them during the class.

Are you curious about this course but are not sure if this is the right program for you? 

You're invited to send me your contact information and we'll schedule a FREE 15 minute call.

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You're invited to bring a friend or two and significantly reduce the training costs to each of you. Contact me for more information. 

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