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Thank you for your interest!


Below you'll find the Highly Sensitive - Empathic Person assessment. 

I'd love to hear your results. Please feel free to use the contact form to share about your experiences as an empathic - highly sensitive person. 

Instructions: Answer each statement with the first answer that comes to mind. Don’t think about it. Check the ones that are true or somewhat true and leave blank those that are rarely true or untrue.



____ I feel the energy of the people in room when I enter.


____ I cry easily when watching movies or listening to stories.


____ A beautiful scene, music or the arts move me deeply.


____ I startle easily.


____ I feel other people’s pain, sometimes in my body.


____ I notice details other people don’t notice.


____ I have a low tolerance for loud noises.


____ I avoid going to the mall or other public places where there are a lot of people.


____ I get stressed when there are too many demands upon my time and attention.


____ I need time alone to unwind and relax.


____ I get over stimulated or overwhelmed easily.


____ Violent movies, TV shows or book make me feel uneasy.


____ I feel a connection with the Earth and nature.

____ I look before I leap. (Survey the situation before taking action).


____ I make deliberate decisions by carefully processing the information.


____ I am sensitive to other people’s moods and emotions.


____ I avoid confrontations or angry situations.


____ Unexpected events or changes in my life are unsettling.


____ I notice and enjoy subtle scents, tastes and sounds.


____ Chaotic people, events and situations make me nervous, stressed or unsettled.


____ I was labeled shy when I was a child.


____ I have a rich inner world.


____ Multitasking and having a lot to do is stressful and unpleasant.


____ I get nervous when someone is watching me perform a task.


____ When I get too hungry, I can’t focus and get distracted or moody.


____ I am aware of subtle changes in my environment, such as feeling a storm approach or lunar cycles.




If you checked 15 or more statements, you have many of the characteristics of a sensitive person.  Even if you only marked a few statements, but they are powerfully true, that can indicate you are a sensitive person.


Let's explore your sensitive nature more deeply.



From the responses you checked on the test, which are the most consistent and you feel strongly?

At what age did you understand you were a highly sensitive and empathic person?  

How did you discover this? 

As a child, was your sensitive nature understood? How did you cope? 

What comments have you received from people, such as your partner, your children, your parents, siblings, friends, or co-workers,  about your sensitive nature?

How do those comments make you feel?

Has your sensitive and empathic nature caused you to doubt yourself and question your value? How does that affect your daily life? 

Do you perceive your empathic abilities as a gift or a curse? 

Would you like to learn more about your empathic abilities and how to turn them into powerful tools? 

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. 

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