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From a very young age, I believed in magic and magical creatures. I dreamed of healing people with a thought. 

I was raised Catholic, but it didn't take my young and fertile mind long to explore beyond the limitations inherent in the structure of religion to seek the signs of Spirit in the world around me and the many worlds I had access to. 

In my early years, Spirit, in its infinite wisdom, gave me a stubborn illness, Seeking a cure for psoriasis prodded me onto a path that led me to ultimately fulfilling my dreams, although I did not appreciate it until I finally understood the gift. 

To compound my health issue, I was a highly sensitive child with an overly protective mother. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time, either. I automatically learned to read the energy of those I was with and bent over backward to please and keep the peace.

As a highly sensitive person, I denied my personal desires. I hid who I really was and what I could do. Besides, no one seemed to understand me. So I didn't speak up for what I really wanted. I worked hard to please the people important to me. I didn't have the physical stamina of others and in time, I began to feel like there must be something wrong with me, that I didn't deserve to be successful as others, even though I worked just as hard, if not harder. I questioned my value and struggled to prove I was worthy of other's love.  In time, I drove myself to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. 

My body, which is much wiser than my mind, rebelled. My health forced me to make lifestyle changes and start speaking up for myself. I had to face my fears, understand my hidden motivations, and undo my automatic responses. At first, it was really scary, since I didn't want my sweetheart to abandon me or to feel the displeasure of others when I refused to do what they wanted. Often, they tried to talk me out of my ideas. It took courage to weather the barrage of 'helpful' suggestions and reminders that low energy was not normal and not sink into despair. The drive to regain health and wellbeing was stronger than my fear and I finally became comfortable asking for what I needed and ignoring the people who tried to control me. 

In the quest for a cure, I started with the Western medicine-physical approach to healing. When that didn't work, I pursued learning about and experimenting with energy modalities such as Acupuncture and Reiki, mind-body techniques, and ultimately stepped out of the 'normal' world into the multi-dimensional healing realities available through intuition and the use of the divination arts such as Soul Realignment, Astro-numerology, Human Design, and Oracle/Angel cards. This offered me a new way to discover more about myself and an effective way to communicate with Spirit.


As I worked through the many layers of body, mind, and soul healing, I shifted my understanding of my role in life.  Instead of struggling to figure out what I was here to do, I realized that the true power was in 'being', and that the essence of my soul expressed through my physical form.   The quest became deepening my awareness of who I am as a living, breathing fragment of the Divine. Learning about my soul's strengths and desires, along with understanding how these soul energies play out through my birth charts as my special talents and tendencies, has been instrumental in my transformation.  

Dabbling in the Spirit World and communicating messages from the invisible realms are part of my natural talents. Never satisfied with anything superficial, I rigorously unearth the deeply hidden motivations for self-sabotaging behaviors, illness, love, money, employee relationships, or any other challenging life situations. Consequently, I have a vast amount of experience to share.

From a young age, I knew I was here for a reason. In 2008 I took a life purpose class and received a mission statement from Spirit, but didn't want to understand what it meant, much less take action on it. The statement was "I am she of the Violet Flame who helps people find and connect to their Source." It has taken years for me to accept this mission and even longer to have the courage to take action.

Here are just a few things I've learned along the way. 

  1. For life to make sense, establishing a powerful connection to your soul is the first step. 

  2. From the vantage point of your soul, you can understand who you are and awaken, remember and embrace your natural gifts and talents. 

  3. Relationships are the fast track to self-mastery.

  4. True healing requires addressing not only the physical but mental and emotional influences and the alignment of your actions to your Soul's purpose. 

  5. Your actions speak volumes more than your words. 

  6. The patterns of the past create your present. The past gives you the wisdom and tools to move forward on the path of your destiny.

  7. You can make different choices and move into a new future, and thrive. 

  8. A truly satisfying life is to align with your natural Soul's expression.

  9. You are a Divine Spark: Spirit in a physical form. You have one foot in each world. It's a balancing act. 

  10. You are here to make a difference in the world. 

  11. Spirit always has your back, even when you don't think so. 

  12. Spirit is in constant communication with you through signs, symbols, animals, and the people all around you.

  13. Spirit has the last word! It's a waste of time and energy to resist it. So you may as well laugh at yourself and all your planning!

I’ve published a couple of books so far, Numerology Your Monthly Oracle and The Tao of Yahtzee; a book about choice making. I am working on more books for the Decoding Your Soul Series, plus a new spiritual fantasy book series called The Gra'Bandia Chronicles.

I live on the Oregon Coast with my Italian Greyhound and two recently departed cat spirits, who aid me in my healing work. I discovered that long-distance relationships can work! I enjoy extended visits with my sweetheart and deep conversations with my two grown and successful children.  

Want to read more about Elaine?

Short list of qualifications:

  • Reiki Master

  • Iridologist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Breema Practitioner

  • Health Coach Training

  • Habit Of Attraction Coach

  • Soul Realignment® Practitioner

  • Astro-Numerology Practitioner

  • Human Design Practitioner

  • Aroma Acupoint Practitioner

  • Therapeutic Touch Practitioner

  • Certified Angel Card Reader

  • Oracle School Practitioner

  • Assertiveness Coach

  • Extensive study into mind/body/spirit connection

  • Self-employed my whole life

  • Business manager

  • Licensed Tax Consultant and Tax-aligned bookkeeper

  • And much more!

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