Light Language Weaving

Feeling stuck? Tired of the same old routines?

Want a change but are afraid to take a leap of faith?

Release restrictions and activate your Soul's desire.

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Light language, also known as angelic language, is an energetic transmission from high vibrational realms. Bypassing the mind, Light Language works at the quantum level, and like Reiki, is directed by your Higher Self to gently address imbalances and disharmonies.

  • A Light Weaver intuitively sees the frayed and disconnected strands in a person’s energy field and through her intention, transmits high-frequency vibrations from the divine and galactic realms for the higher self of the recipient to reconnect and strengthen the strands between the incarnate form and the divine form. 

  • In so doing, she facilitates a healing connection between one’s body, mind, and spirit. This can create a spontaneous healing in the body, new awareness in the mind, and a sense of belonging and connection in the spirit. This translates into a sense of well-being, peace, joy, openness, receptivity, tolerance, and self-love.

  • 45 minute recorded personal session to discuss a current situation that you hope to resolve and the desired outcome. Coaching based on your birth charts and Light Language weaving activation. 


Explore the hidden power of the sound vibration of words. Light Language is more than the spoken word. It is a prayer to the Divine and includes symbols drawn in the air, on the body, or on paper, or song. 

Light Language is a powerful way to move energy,

  • To clear your inner vision so that you can see your way through challenges,

  • Release energetic blocks that keep you hidden and afraid to step into your purpose,

  • To support you in seeing your life from a different point of view, and

  • Bring hope into your life.

  • Its effects are subtle and transformative.

You're invited to schedule now.

When you schedule a session please send your challenging situation along with your birth information. I will prepare your Soul Profile from the Akashic Record, your Astro-numerology, Human Design charts for insights into the nature of the challenge.

During a 45 minute recorded session, we'll discuss the energetic themes that are affecting you, as well as your desired outcome. The session includes Light Language weaving and activations.

45 minute Light Language Weaving  $177