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Navigating Your Future

Your Soul has a plan. Do you know the best path to achieving it?


Break free of limitations and embrace the power of your gifts.

The last step to becoming who you are meant to be is to take action. You ask:

  • Do your inspired goals and dreams align with your soul's purpose? 

  • Is this the best time?

  • What is holding you back?

  • What is the next best step?

Using Astro-numerology, the Akashic Record, and other intuitive modalities, we can formulate the timing, what is slowing progress, the best steps, and the energetic frequencies needed to achieve your goals. 

You're invited to schedule today.

When you schedule a session,  please send your birth information and what you most want to know and hope to change about your life. This could be a goal in business, health, relationships, career, creative works, and more.


I will prepare and weave the themes of your Soul Profile, Astro-numerology, and Human Design charts into a picture of what aligns with your goals at the energy level and where success will require more work.  

You have the option of a 60-minute or 120-minute recorded session. During the session we formulate the ideal timing, and the subtle variations that are most supportive. 

The session includes Light Language healing and activating transmission.  The longer session allows us to explore your desires and goals more deeply and completely.


1 hr Navigating the Future  $400

2 hr Navigating the Future Brainstorm $600

Thank you so very much for such an insightful and thought-provoking reading last week! You create such a welcoming and warm atmosphere making it easy to follow along and process your findings. I felt seen and heard which is so nurturing for me! Thank you for sharing this with me and encouraging me so lovingly on my own unique path!" 

Tori W. Colorado

I am feeling empowered to move forward in a new career and bring forth my life purpose.  With Elaine's help, I rediscovered my inherent purpose in life and how I could realize that purpose. Understanding my past better, I discovered that obstacles were just opportunities for personal growth. What a precious gift to wake up proudly to my own authenticity and potential. Elaine did not tell me my life purpose, she gently gave information that I can use, to know what feels right and clearly what doesn't feel right for me. Lots of empowering information that I can use right away. I highly recommend her. 

~ Janet O.

I'm so grateful to have found Elaine at a time when I was searching for meaning and purpose. Her reading gave me exactly what I needed: confirmation and direction. The fact that her knowledge base is so wide, really accentuated the reading in ways that astounded me. She was the perfect choice. Thank you again. 

Debra Q.

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