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Is this you? 
"I dread going to work.
My relationships and cash flow sicken me.
I d
on't like my body.
I wish I had a new life!"

Your life doesn't have to be a seemingly hopeless and endless struggle.

You are Destined to Soar.


Do You Have the Courage

to Change?

Imagine if you:

  • Saw your life from another perspective?

  • Developed an inner guidance system?

  • Embraced a relationship with your spirit?

Sometimes it takes a second pair of eyes and ears to shed new light onto a situation. Allow me to be your guide and muse to inspire a different life, and show you how to get there, one step at a time.


As a channel and spokeswoman for your spirit, I show you how to connect to, listen to, and understand the messages of your spirit.

"Thank you so much Elaine. You truly gave me clarity and perspective. I would love to talk to you again as I move forward."~Pam S. ~

When I first heard Elaine channel Light Language, I was captivated. It felt mystical, magical, and yet, strangely familiar. Experiencing it gave me a feeling of ‘home’ - perhaps because the tone and resonance are much like the languages spoken by Indigenous healers from my birthplace, or perhaps for more otherworldly reasons. Elaine’s gift of Light Language resonates with me at a soul level.

                  Brenda M. British Columbia, Canada

Decoding Your Soul Resources

The language of words and numbers gives you a key to who you have come to be. 

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Numerology: Your Monthly Oracle

Learn your number energy cycles to find the right timing so you can minimize your resistance to effectiveness and struggle less. 

Learn More

The Tao of Yahtzee

This book is about making choices and exercising the Law of Attraction

Learn More

Learning Through Stories

Teaching self-mastery through a heroine's journey in fantasy stories. 

3d book RH Book 1  2x3.png

The Rebel Healers

Witness an empathic healer become who she was meant to be and fulfill her purpose

Learn More

I was drawn to Elaine by her down to earth, genuine caring and knowledge of Human Design, expanded knowledge of astrology and numerology. I did a Basic Reading first and then the Soul Purpose reading a week later. Much to my surprise, I feel like a different person! I know myself better.  I am feeling empowered to move forward in a new career and bring forth my life purpose.  Lots of empowering information that I can use right away. I highly recommend Elaine. 

~Janet O.

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