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October Forecast: The Seeds of Change

October offers us a preview of the kind of energy that will be available to us in 2017. As a number 1 Month, October urges us to seek within, from the intangible, for the seeds of what we want to create in our future. The number 1 energy is about initiating, inventing, pioneering, leadership and individuality.

Refining this urge to create something new are the influences of the planets. The overarching theme is of certain areas in our lives drawing to a close, becoming complete, even if we are not expecting them to be so. These endings open the door to new opportunities that allow us to live our lives to the fullest, enjoying everything this world has to offer. These closures could be an unexpected move, change of jobs, shift in relationship or letting go of out-dated, unswerving thoughts and beliefs. As these antiquated activities and beliefs retreat back into the primordial sea from which all emerges, it helps to keep our sanity if we create some patterns and structures to keep us on track and wait for the correct timing. As we pay attention to the rhythms and cycles in our lives, we begin to see the perfection all around us, from the intricate design of a rose to the complex dynamics of mutual support between people. The more we see the perfection around us, the more deeper meanings and understanding will emerge enhancing the perception of perfection.

Just past the middle of the month and for the next couple of months, we shift from trying to figure things out in our head to the theme of mastery of inner harmony and peace.

What we're talking about:

Our conversations may revolve around finding balance, not only emotionally, but physically and in other areas of our life, such as between work and play, activity and rest, speaking and listening and so forth. Use our intuition to sort out what's important, what are our personal values and to sift through past patterns to reach deeper meaning and understanding of our lives.

Love and relationships:

We may find ourselves reviewing our relationships, looking for patterns that keep replaying. We may find we have an abundance of new ideas that inspire us to do something unique and different in our relationships and love life. Become aware of the cycles in our relationships and find the life force contained within the rhythmic dance between each of us.


Energetically, we may find a rhythm in our daily flow of energy with peaks and rest periods and the pressure to act on our ideas. Late in the month, we may find we have more energy and a strong will to get things done. We will also have an emotional wave so some days we'll feel optimistic and other days, not so upbeat. Be careful when making important decisions during this time and make sure that your choices feel good for the duration of the emotional cycle. Some of us will feel full of energy near the end of the month and may have trouble sleeping. It all will pass by the end of the month.

New Moon:

We experienced a Libra New Moon on September 30 in the US and October 1, Universal Time, amplifying the theme of new beginnings, balance between the physical and non-physical worlds, material and spirituality. In balance is perfection.

Full Moon:

On October 16, 2016 is an Aries Full Moon. This Full Moon heralds new, provocative, humanitarian change. Not only is it in a passionate fire sign, but it's at 23 degrees, representing the unstoppable Lion of change and full engagment with life. Look for certain stages in your life to wrap up and come to a close. Where the door closes, another opens, so watch for new and unexpected opportunities. Take a spiritual approach to life and follow your intuition.

Black New Moon:

October had a special lunar event called a Black Moon. Actually, the New Moon on September 30 in the US was a Black Moon, on October 30, there will be another Black Moon, in Scorpio. A Black Moon is when there are two New Moons in a calendar month. They do not happen very often. This New Moon offers us a time to go within. It's in a deeply emotional sign and amplifies the spiritual (or analytical) 7 energy of this year. It's theme is about sorting out what is important, and letting go with compassion.


In summary, as we investigate what we want to create, we are offered a look at what is possible, what would be perfect in the world and in our lives. As the month progresses, we are invited to explore the nuances of what we want in depth, using our intuition. From deep understanding comes new ideas that reflect our values and what is worth pursuing that brings meaning to life.

Each of us is designed differently and the movement of the planets can create new energies in our lives and stir up old ones. If you find yourself experiencing puzzling events in your life and want to understand what is happening, you're invited to schedule a personalized planetary weather report where you will get charts of the current month's Astrology and Human Design transits and a video report. I'll need your birth information to run your charts. Cost is $97. Contact me to schedule.

In the meantime, watch for new opportunities to create the life you desire most.

Elaine Correia


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