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Do You Struggle With Low Energy?

Do you struggle with low energy? Have you lost interest in life?

You're not alone.

What if you are dealing with a phenomenon called 'burn-out' or also known in the medical field as adrenal fatigue. This state of energy can show up in your life in a lot of different ways, depending on what stage you are experiencing. It could be as subtle as getting tired a lot easier that you used to, or just not feeling as enthused about life like you did when you were younger.

Or it could be more dramatic, with chronic, debilitating health problems such as fibromyalgia or chronic inflammation, high cortisol levels and adrenal exhaustion. The effect of this is that you can't do very much during the day, or you push through the day with stimulants like caffeine, energy drinks, and so forth just to function with any semblance of normality.

Does this sound like you?

You're invited to participate in a survey about your experiences with low physical, mental and emotional energy, adrenal fatigue and/or burnout. You can take the short version and answer a couple of questions, or explore your experience with the long version. Either way, it won't take you very long to fill it out.

You're answers are very important and will go towards designing a program that addresses the causes that create burnout and offers solutions to healing your body and reclaiming vitality and productivity. In this simple way, your answers will be helping many other people just like you.

Thanks for making the effort to take this survey. Here's the link.


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