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Chasing Phantom Gold

Do you jump on a new idea and try it out and when it doesn't work, you throw up your hands? You are primed for the next awesome idea that comes by. Or maybe you know somebody like that who is always trying the new and latest food dietary plans or the latest marketing plans or changing relationships, clothing styles, etc.? It seems like they bounce from one wave top to the next and never really sink their teeth into anything, chasing after an illusive sense of love, belonging, appreciation or money. They have 'the grass is greener on the other side of the fence' drive and chase after what glitters, much like the birds that steal shiny objects and put them in their nest.

Friends, parents and our partners shake their heads and say, "Why can't you just pick one thing and stick with it?"

What if these idea chasers are designed to be perpetual seekers?

Many sensitive and empathetic people actually are very receptive to other peoples ideas. We receive them telepathically, so to speak. The problem is that not all ideas are right for us.

The challenge arises when you're constantly bombarded with other peoples energies, their emotions, their thoughts and their motivations. It's hard to sort out what you want when your head is full of everybody else's ideas, plus a few of your own. It's very confusing.

How in the world do you sort out what's right for you and what's not?

It takes the test of time and patience.

Now this is a tough one because in our fast pace society, we are told and encouraged to 'go for it', put all our effort into our goals and be successful. We are told that a person can 'make' it if she puts her mind to it, sticks with it and stays focused. Forget Divine timing. We are told we need to do it now.

But for most of us this plan simply doesn't work and it is a perfect lead-in to burn out. It also causes us devalue our selves because when we try to do something that's not right for us and we fail, we doubt our deservability and flagellate our natural abilities.. It's even more frustrating when other people succeed. We think there certainly must be something wrong with us and those close to us may echo those sentiments.

That's not true at all! We just are not executing the correct idea in the ideal way at the right time. So what are the steps?

First of all it really helps if you understand what is authentic to you. You need to know your energy style and understand your Soul's purpose and the tools you have to implement it. When you have this sort of a framework to sift through the multitude of ideas and plans that look so awesome on the surface, you can determine which ones are worth of exploring more deeply.

Some people are designed to experiment and they will take ideas and run with them. They instinctively know that they are experimenters and they don't take failure so seriously.

Whether it's a relationship or a business or a diet plan, we feel bad when we put effort into something that appears promising or others say will certainly work and then not have it work out.

Secondly, realize that your mind is an idea receptor and your body feels other people's feelings. You can feel their enthusiasm about an idea and that is what sells you so that you're willing to try it. Once you are out of their aura, then the enthusiasm fades and you are confused.

But before you take the bit in your teeth and chase after phantom gold, stop.

Take a pause, a time out. Take some time alone, away from the influences of other people and sift through the new ideas. It may take you a few days. Just sit on an idea, which will cast sales people into consternation. Be aware that you will feel pressure to conform from others who want something from you. But taking time is what you need to do, especially if you are prone to chasing after the latest and the greatest.

Get in touch with your inner wisdom and allow it to speak to you. This, in itself can be difficult, unless you have established an understanding with Spirit.

How do you understand the language of your inner wisdom? For some people it's a gut feeling: it's either right or it's not. Other people need to wait through the emotional cycle to see whether they're really upbeat and all charged up after they have calmed down, cooled off and gone into life's more introspective phase. Still other people need to talk it out with a really good friend and see how it feels and how other people respond to it when it is spoken.

Now you've narrowed the many ideas down to a handful and you still don't know which one is the best idea. The next step is to take some small actions towards activating an idea. It might be doing a little more research. It might be talking to business friends. It might be in reading up about the latest food fad or whatever it is. It could be eating a new food or cutting out something from your diet. And see how you feel as you take actions. Watch how your outer world, the people, events and so forth, respond to you. Listen to how your body responds. Your body is very wise and is an excellent and reliable guide to point you in the right direction. As you work through an idea, if you feel energized and alive, then you're on the right track. If you get tired, feel draggy and you lose your enthusiasm, then maybe it's a message that this is not right the right direction or it may not be the right timing.

It's not easy when you are designed to receive and think that all ideas are all meant for you and you want to execute them all because they're such awesome ideas. But you simply don't have the energy or the time or the money to implement all of them. So don't let yourself get frustrated or depressed by the fact that you have to limit the things you do. Believe me, in the long run, you'll be much happier taking the time to sift through all your ideas to pick the ones that are actually the most productive and execute them at the right time.

Take it from one who has millions of ideas and loves to experiment. I've taken the bit in my teeth like a head-strong filly, chasing after phantom gold more times that I can count. It's part of my design. I've since learned that most of my ideas and insights are destined to be shared with the people ripe for that particular idea.

Elaine Correia

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