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Don't Shoot The Messenger!

Do you struggle with something in your life, your relationship, your health , money or anything else?

What if, at some level, you chose this stressful and unpleasant experience?

Wait! Before you shoot the messenger, stop and take a look at the themes playing out.

Often, the challenges you experience now have played out before, perhaps many times and in many variations. There is s common thread that unites your experiences; a hidden, unacknowledged fear or set of beliefs that keep attracting similar situations. What if your latest test is trying to convey to you a message?

Before you rattle your saber or get out your assault rifle to do battle with your current unsatisfying situation, try something new and invite your problem, even if it is a chronic health concern, financial struggle, getting love and being valued by others and more, to sit across the parlay table with you. Have a conversation with the imaginary personification of your nemesis or person and ask what it is trying to tell you. You will be surprised.

Recently, I had a conversation with my psoriasis, which I've had my whole life. I was very surprised when it told me I had chosen it. I'd been struggling my whole life to get rid of it. Now it wanted me to know it was there at my request. I listened skeptically as it told me why. It said it acted as my guide and relentless teacher to prod me to remember who I am and would remain with me until I got it. It's objective was to teach me to trust I am always safe and provided for and all is well. Whenever I relapsed into worry and fear and let my actions be motivated by fear, it would remind me I was off course by getting worse. When I remembered I was always cared for and provided for and I experienced life from a perspective of plenty and curiosity, then it would recede.

So we struck a deal. It would act as my guide. And I would start a practice of being grateful that I trusted I was always safe, provided for and that all is well and be grateful for everything in my life.

Now it's your turn to find out why you keep experiencing something you just wish would go away. It helps if you have an active imagination to do this exercise. Otherwise, you can enlist the aid of someone to guide you through the process.

Sit down with your nemesis and imagine you can talk with it. What does it want you to know about its role in your life? How can it help guide you to remember your true nature?

Make an agreement with your nemesis and follow its instructions and see what happens.

Often, when something doesn't go our way or we feel devalued and unloved, we seem to attract more situations that amplify our frustrations and fears. The truth of the matter is that the very thing that distresses us, actually is a blessing and something to be grateful for, even when feeling grateful for it is the last thing on our minds.

Gratitude shifts your energetic state, lifting you out of a funk and opens your eyes to see your life with hope and optimism. When you choose to be grateful for an unpleasant life event, you are no longer held hostage to unhappy feelings and you can see your path out of the quagmire and into the nurturing light.

I've added a gratitude practice to my life and it has helped me deal with the bumps life brings along to help me to master my talents. It helps to calm my fears. You can do the same. You're invited to join in our gratitude community by signing up for weekly gratitude seed statements. To sign up, go to

In the meantime, put down your destructive weapons and form a collaborative relationship with your old foes that have taken the forms of your body, your money, the people in your life and your relationships and more. When you turn your enemies into allies, your life becomes much easier.

Enjoy the blessings all around you.



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