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October Forecast: A Taste of 2018

October moves us from watching the synchronicity that guides us towards our destiny, to having the courage to move boldly into the unknown territory of beliefs and experiences. The energies of October also give us a taste of what's coming in 2018.

In Numerology, the number 11 represents the mastery of new beginnings, doubling the essence of the number 1, which takes an idea or concept and starts the initial stages that bring it into form. The evolution of an idea goes from selecting a concept from the field of all possibilities, through the process of working with other people, experimenting, creating, refining, adjusting and recreating, until the idea finally manifests. The process is much like the growth of a plant, from germination of the seed, through harvest and the death of the plant.

The number 11 is like taking the birth, growth and death cycle to a deeper level. Some plants continue to live even after harvesting. In this stage, the plant recovers from the harvesting and puts its energy back into restoring itself to grow another season. It may need fertilizer or mulching or moved to another location. The plant goes through some sort of internal process that allows it to choose to grow, flower and fruit again. This is the stage of the number 11.

The number 11 requires that we face the unknown with courage and our accumulated wisdom and walk through the pillars of indecision, retaining the ability to see the situation from all sides. We use our intuition to determine the best choices. This number is about that leap of faith, trusting that Spirit has our back, and that we are not alone. Even when we feel alone or left out, we really have a role to play that benefits everyone else. It encourages us to take the stakes to a higher level, to become more aware and committed to our purposeful life.

October 5, 2017 heralds the Harvest Full Moon in Aries, the sign of new beginnings, passion and vitality. Mercury is conjunct the Sun which encourages conversations about learning and creating something new from what we've learned and with Jupiter opposite Uranus, these conversations can be about abundance from unusual sources or seeing abundance from a whole new perspective.

October 19, 2017 is the Libra New Moon, encouraging an exploration of how to work together in peaceful, productive partnerships and what it's like to create a daily practice that engenders peace, harmony, fairness and balance in whatever we do. We're encouraged to take a deeper look at the words we use with ourselves and with others about abundance or it's opposite, lack.

By utilizing the experiences of the prior months, we have the wisdom and experience to step through the pillars of truth and initiation, into what has an illusion of being the unknown. We are invited to live outside our comfort zone as we initiate a new way of looking at our world and it's occupants.

It's so much easier to look back on the past few months and compare your experiences with something you recently learned about yourself and the unseen influences that affect you. If you want to learn more about how you are affected by these celestial influences, you're invited to 2017 Forecast in Retrospect, a self-paced video series that shows you what invisible influences you encountered during 2017 and help you compare your chart with the transiting energies.

You stand at the gate. What will you do? Will you take courage and trust by the hands and step through?


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