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11 Tips To Tame The Curse Of Gate 11

How often have you had an awesome idea and after you started to implement it, you find an even better one? You jump ship and put your efforts towards that idea, then you hear something that triggers another epiphany and off you go again. It’s like a game of hopscotch. Your family and friends shake their heads saying, “Why won’t she ever settle down?” You feel like there is something wrong with you because you can never stick with just one thing. There are simply too many intriguing and engaging ideas to pursue. In Human Design, the Gate 11 is also known as the Gate of the Seeker, perpetually seeking answers or to make something better or to know more. It is a powerfully creative energy and can be very frustrating and exhausting if you don't understand how it affects you and how to rein it in. If you have this gate defined in your Human Design chart, you will know what I mean. You have so many ideas and they are all great and very do-able. It’s hard to stay focused in the present moment because you can see all the other possibilities and often those seem so much more interesting. This feeling is amplified if you have the Gate 35, the Jack of All Trades, and a lot of openness where you pick up other people’s ideas and enthusiasms. The challenge with this energy is that it never stays “home”. It's like your dog or cat who strays over to the neighbors to see what's new. It is a challenge to stay on one track towards a single goal for very long. It may even seem very unsatisfying to limit oneself to just one idea. This person is on a perpetual quest, seeking the elusive perfect answer, new ways to perceive something, more knowledge, imaginative ways to be recognized and appreciated, a more effective way to do things and so forth. Often, they have many irons in the fire, a number of projects they have started and not completed. These people tend to focus on what they don’t have and dream about what could be, rather than putting their attention on the abundance already all around them. In a strange twist of fate, they seek for what they already have! A Seeker with the Gate 11 is continually divided between pursuing one idea or another and consequently, will spread themselves thin and run themselves ragged chasing after multiple targets. But there’s hope! You can tame an overactive Gate 11 and bring it back into alignment, transform the the curse of so many ideas into obedient servants and keep your sanity, feel a measure of satisfaction and retain your vitality. Here’s what you can do even if you are not overwhelmed with an abundance of ideas: 1. First of all, be grateful that you have so many ideas. How many times have you been in a situation and the solution pops into your mind and when you mention it, people are amazed because they had never thought about that? The gift of so many ideas is that you have a direct line to hidden wisdom that many don’t realize they have within themselves. 2. Accept that you are not going to implement all of your ideas. Most of your ideas are for someone else and will often pop out of your mouth unbidden. 3. Write down all of your ideas in a special journal book labeled IDEAS. I have several. Sort your ideas into categories, such as business ideas, relationship insights, life purpose insights, insights about yourself, stories to share and so forth. At least you are giving your ideas the gift of being expressed and depending upon your nature, helping you sort out what matches your energy and is something worthy of your focused attention. 4. Share your ideas. Your idea is the answer to someone's prayer. 5. Get to know yourself so that you know your hidden motivations and desires and what is natural for yourself. This will help you sift through your ideas and choose the ones meant for you. 6. If you feel driven to continually act on your ideas because you are chasing ‘success’, take some quiet time and make an inventory of what you have already accomplished. You’ll be impressed! See yourself as successful already. Enjoy what you have, including the people and things around you. 7. Want what you already have. This is particularly challenging for the perpetual Seeker because he/she is so driven to find a better way of doing things, a better solution, another approach to a situation and more. But being grateful for what you already have will take the pressure off and help you realize and integrate that you are enough just as you are, right now. You have everything you want right now. If you don't, your higher guidance will direct you to get it. 8. When you choose to act upon an idea, do so wisely. You don’t have the time and energy to do all of them. Pick one and wait for Spirit to respond in some definitive manner, usually a response from the outer world, reflecting confirmation back to you. 9. Most of all, enjoy yourself and the vast intangible wealth you have. It’s wonderful to be so rich with ideas. Not everyone is. It is your special gift to share with the world. 10. Here’s something you can tell yourself: "I’m grateful for all the ideas that flow through me and that I have a way to express them and share them with others who will benefit from them. I choose to be a clear channel of ideas for the highest good of all." 11. Acknowledge you are awesome just the way you are: full of ideas. Don't let others dim your bright light. The world needs ideas. Trying to control and direct your ideas is like trying to herd cats. They go every which way in their own time. Bask in your wealth. If you want to explore your abilities and talents more deeply, you're invited to schedule a session with me.


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