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Ducking Life's Potshots

Do you feel like you are like one of those ducks in a carnival arcade where people take potshots at you? Some miss and others hit you, and you don’t feel like you can dodge the bullets or speed up or slow down the track to make you a harder target to hit. You don’t feel like you have any control over the whole situation. All you want is the freedom to live life on your own terms. You’re not the only one with energetic life bruises and desires to find a path to freedom. When you are in the middle of a situation, such as a money or health challenge, job or relationships disharmony, it is hard to see your way to a satisfactory solution and it's easy to feel trapped. Even if you are used to using your intuition for guidance, when you are in a heightened mental and emotional state, it’s hard to access your inner wisdom. You don’t know if the information you receive is your ego talking or true intuitive guidance. What can you do? First of all, stop and breathe. Notice your emotions and how they affect your body. Ask yourself what your emotions are trying to tell you. Now search through the archives of your past for a similar time when you felt this way. How did you resolve the situation then? Just the knowledge that you survived a similar situation may be enough to calm your mind so that you can see a way through your dilemma. You’ve been there and done that before. Often, your emotional response represents something much deeper and invisible to you. In other words, the frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety and so forth that you feel often has it’s roots in beliefs created long ago and stored in your subconscious operating system. These beliefs were created by experiences from childhood, from the energies picked up as younglings from parents, siblings and teachers, friends and our environment. These beliefs quietly operate in the background, monitoring your current life experiences and reacting whenever there is a perceived threat. You live in a sea of energy, including the energy fields of other people, the imprinted energies in your home and work space, global and cosmic energies of events and emotions on a grand scale. They can cause you to wake up in the morning exhausted, even though you had a good night’s sleep and all is well in your life. These transparent energies can cause you to feel testy and impatient or nit-pick at your life. They can create tension between what your heart wants and what your mind dictates. It challenges you to sort out what is Self and what you think is you and separate what is really is an outside influence affecting your perception of yourself. Which duck are you in the arcade? Maybe you are not in the lineup at all. Getting clear about the the energies that affect your well-being is an important tool for gaining a sense of control and freedom as you navigate through challenging situations to a solution. Celestial energies from the planetary frequencies and their movement is another subtle influence that can create unrest in a normally calm and peaceful life. When you understand the external influences, you begin to recognize what is your native state and what comes from without. Getting to know yourself intimately, your strengths and talents, is one way to make yourself a harder target for life's potshots. You’re invited to understand the planetary influences that have been affecting you during 2017. In the 2017 Celestial Forecast in Retrospect video training, you will receive access to videos that explain the dominant energies that you have experienced in 2017 so far and what is yet to come. You'll identify the yearly theme and gain other insights. You will learn how to compare your chart to the transiting energies and see how you are affected. You can learn more about the online training at In the meantime, bask in all of the energies around you and know that all is well.


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