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The Hidden Meaning of Valentine's Day

In the time of the ancient Roman Emperor Claudius II, lived a temple priest called Valentine, who married Christian couples and assisted the Christian movement in a time when they were persecuted. The priest was captured and executed on February 14.

Also during this era, the ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia on February 15, to welcome the spring. About 200 years later, the Pope declared February 14th the day to celebrate the martyrdom and sainthood of the priest, Valentine. The Pope may have declared this day a religious day, as a way of replacing the pagan feast day with a Christian one. This day became known as Valentine’s Day.

Now that we understand the origin of Valentine’s Day, let’s explore the hidden meaning found in Numerological symbolism.

February 14 offers multiple layers of numeric energies that help to focus a specific archetype. First of all, February is the second month in the Gregorian calendar. Number 2 represents relationships, love, communication and surrender.

The 14th day is a number that contains innovative structure applied to communication, usually in a broader perspective that touches many lives, such as through writing, art, media and much more.

The month and day total the Number 7, suggesting a spiritual approach to communication, relationships, and discovering cooperative solutions.

In a nutshell, the energetic influences of Valentine’s Day has its roots in a deep spiritual connection, and suggests that truly loving relationships come from Spirit, or from Spirit working through others. You express your divine nature through your relationships.

The energy of the current year serves to add another aspect or focus to the energies of this day. This year encourages selflessness, unconditional love, completion and release. The Aquarian New Moon eclipse on the next day also encourages letting go of the old and setting new intentions regarding your relationships.

Ask yourself, what is a new approach with which to BE in your relationship? How can you balance selflessness with self care? How can you communicate your needs peacefully and clearly and enlist the cooperation of others?

Like your birth codes, the numerology themes for Valentine’s Day remain static. The nature of the day has a specific, consistent energy, year after year. However, each year adds its own theme or filter through which to experience this day.

This year, the focus is upon unconditional love and releasing old beliefs and what does not serve any longer in your style of communication within relationships. Do you remember last year's Valentine’s Day? Last year, the focus was on communicating the bigger vision for your relationship especially relating to material success.

Next year, the theme is about starting something new and different, such as learning a new way to communicate your needs within your relationship.

Just like the different filters that apply to Valentine’s Day year after year, your life is constantly in motion and has changing themes every year. Imagine if you knew what energies are strongest now. Imagine tailoring your life so that your creative process matched your natural flow of life force.

You’re invited to discover your natural cycles in my book, Numerology, Your Monthly Oracle: Activating Your Personal Calendar. You will be guided to uncover your personal stages and the dominant themes currently in your life and much more. Look for your copy on Amazon.

In the meantime, pay attention to what happens on Valentine's Day. Open your heart. Let your expression of love include yourself, Spirit and the world.


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