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Divine Timing vs. Procrastination

How do you know the difference?

Imagine you. Have a project you want to work on, such as taking steps towards a new career, writing your book, meeting the person your friends rave about that is supposed to be just perfect for you and so forth.

You hesitate, saying you’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and goes and still no action. Pretty soon, something else takes precedence and your goal gets pushed to the background. However it doesn’t completely disappear and still bugs you in the back of your mind. What’s stopping you? Do you have some hidden resistance to taking steps to fulfill your dreams, such as not thinking you’re good enough or that people won’t value what you do or fear repeating past relationship mistakes? Or is it Divine Timing? Do you wonder if it’s not written in the stars for you to accomplish this task because there is something better in store for you? How do you know the difference? According to Marie Diamond’s Feng Shui theory, there are three types of chi: Heavenly Chi or what you are born with. Your birth codes help reveal this energy.

You have Earthly Chi or environmental energetic influences. These are the external forces around you, and influence how energy flows to and through you. This includes the location and placement of objects in your house and the movements of the planets. Then there is the Human Chi or the energy of your thoughts and emotions. Both your Heavenly and Earthly Chi influence your choices. And your choices influence your earthly experience.

Let’s imagine that the Earthly Chi or external influences are like doorways in a great hall. As a composite of your Heavenly Chi or the gifts and talents you were given at birth, you stand in the middle of the room and survey your options.

You notice that each door has a label, such as love and relationships, career, health, spirituality, family and more. As you look around, you notice that some doors remain open all of the time and the reception room to that life area looks inviting. Other doors are closed with ‘Do Not Enter’ signs. Let’s pretend that these doors represent your personal life areas and that they can be opened or closed at particular times, based upon the movement of the planets and natural energy cycles in relationship to your personal rhythm in your earthly environment. These doorways lead to experiences and opportunities. As the months and years pass, doors open and close. When you understand that you have a natural rhythm and unique personal creative cycle, then you can stop trying to force the ‘Do Not Enter’ doors and wait for them to open on their own as the natural cycles of your life progress. Applying your personal inner authority in combination with your natural energy rhythm, will help you choose the best door at the best time. So it is timing or blocks that keep you stuck? You’re invited to look at it this way: When the door is open, through your alignment with your personal creative cycles and you find yourself reluctant to enter the room, perhaps from fears or some other belief, then that is yourself making the choice not to proceed. Then you can ask, in meditation or an oracle, what is stopping you or what do you need to know so that you can move ahead easily, change course or pick a new idea.

Numerology Your Monthly Oracle works with your Earthly Chi, letting you know when the doors will be open or closed. When you become aware of your own personal cycles then you will know when you are delaying as a choice or if the doors are closed and it is simply a matter of timing. I tend to be impatient and want everything now. However, I've learned that Divine Timing is very wise and often I am not ready to accomplish my goal just yet. Using the Numerology oracle part of this book can help you receive clear, insightful messages from the greater part of yourself. Inspirational statements that support your personal and spiritual growth are also included as well as worksheets to calculate your important numbers.

You’re invited to tap into the vast wisdom of the ancients. Leverage your energy. Don’t waste your precious resources trying to forge ahead when the timing is not supportive. Like the wise magi of old, learn and prepare for the times when it is correct to take deliberate action. In the process, discover about yourself as you uncover and work with the energetic influences of two of your personal power numbers, which greatly influence the direction and pace of your life. Even though situations in your life may look bleak, you are never stuck and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It's all about cycles and timing. This book will help you answer the WHEN or timing question so that you can conserve your energy and apply it when it will be most effective. You’re invited to get your copy today. You can order on Amazon or get an autographed copy from me.

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