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April's Code: A Blueprint For Love

Welcome to April, a month to explore a framework that supports love, peace and harmony.

Let's talk about April's Code. As you recall, the overarching theme for 2018 is one of new beginnings, standing on our own two feet and reconnecting to and deepening our relationship with Spirit by using our intuitive abilities. The big question for the yearly theme is: How can we unite separateness and bring peace and harmony to opposites or polarities?

As we evolve through the yearly theme, we add the energies of April, a 4 calendar month in a 15/6 Universal Month energy. This makes an 11-2-4-15-6 code for April; one heavy in initiating cooperative planning to create something magically tangible through loving and responsible service.

April hosts a dance between the Number 4 energy, which thrives on structure, form and groundedness, and the loving service and responsibility rooted in transformative, magical energy of the Number 15 and the 6. With the help of the Number 4 and the Number 6, we are offered an opportunity to create a blueprint that supports peace, love, balance and harmony. The gift of these energies is helping us define the form of service that can bring opposites together.

The Aries New Moon on April 16 encourages us to take a look at cooperation and service in our relationships from a spiritual perspective. Bring the energies of forgiveness, love, hope and harmony to those aspects of relationship that need change and harmonizing.

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 30 invites us to use the illuminating light of the Moon to look in the shadows for hidden obstacles and the resulting emotional angst. Spend time by water, such as the ocean, river or lake or take a bath to help dissolve and release pent up emotions and burdens.

Most of April is influenced by Aries, the great warrior who will go to battle for a just cause. Sometimes Aries will race ahead, rashly, in the heat of the moment. The fiery Aries energy provides the passion and enthusiastic energy that reinforces initiation and starting something new. About the last third of April is under the influence of Taurus, urging us to see and claim our value and the see the value of what we have started and encourages self love. As an Earth sign, April invites us to stop, breathe, take a step back, get grounded and from this position, observe before taking action.

Each person is affected by this Universal Code in a specific say. Understanding your personal interaction with the external energies around you can greatly assist you in laying out your game plan and understanding your path to success, peace and happiness in your life. If you would like to know more you're invited to visit my website and sign up for some free videos about my new book, Numerology, Your Monthly Oracle, or schedule a session with me.

In the meantime, ask yourself, what needs to be healed and released to create a framework for love, peace and harmony that thrives in my life and in the world? Would form would this take?


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