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What's Happening In May?

Welcome to May, a month to take a break and go within for answers.

Enjoy this special time to take a break from the busyness of life. It's a time to recharge, take care of yourself, reflect upon what you have already accomplished and where you want to go from here. Watch for inspirational insights that come to you from the beyond.

The May 15th Taurus New Moon invites us to find the magic in service on the Earthly level. The Sun and Moon opposite Jupiter urges us dig deep for the essence of the seeds we wish to plant that expands honor and honesty to our working relationships and life. This can be a provocative time, with Uranus and Mercury, Pluto and Mars interacting together. Thoughts and conversations can lead to heated discussions involving a new economy, rules of personal engagement, personal integrity and where we are going as a world collective. Practical, grounded change in old paradigms is in the air.

The May 29th Sagittarius Full Moon invites us to see the broader picture, take the high road, so to speak. Uranus is just beginning it's journey through the sign of Taurus, suggesting that we value the future of our planet and life as a whole, see the beauty and wealth all around us.

The energy of May, both as the fifth calendar month and Number 7 Universal Month herald an abundance of mental energy. You might find yourself thinking a lot, trying to figure out your life, what to do next or how to deal with the strong energies running amok in our world environment. The Number 7 invites us to trust that we are safe, that a higher power has our back, even if things don't look like it on the surface. The essence of the Number 7 is depth, much like the themes of Scorpio and Pluto. In the shadows of our beings lie the wisdom and power to create and manifest and with a solid connection and guidance from the Divine, we are shown, through our inspirations and sudden insights, the best course of action.

Trust that all is well while you rest and recharge. Go for walks outside in nature. Even if you live in a busy city, nature and non-human life is all around. Look for it. Spend quality quiet time with your pet, grooming him or her or sitting quietly. Ground yourself often. Receiving insights from Spirit can disconnect you from Earth.

Until next month,

Elaine Correia

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