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Is Your Life Story A 'Best Seller'?

Do you chase after a job that is totally not 'you'? Perhaps you say it's because you need the money or the illusion of security, benefits or status.

But what if you are simply not designed to be an accountant, a copywriter, or a caregiver, yet you struggle to learn the trade because of the need for financial stability. What if it's because you are not clear about how to apply your talents in the world so that they can provide you with a decent living? What if something from your past makes you afraid to acknowledge your true talents and power?

So often we don't think we have options and we get into careers that do not speak to and support our heart. We muddle through to make money to support ourselves and family, put money into our retirement plan, and raise a family. However, some part of us knows something is missing and as we get older, our Soul's voice becomes louder and more insistent. We burn out, get illnesses that won't go away, and get restless in our relationship. Our Soul calls to us, like Sirens inviting us to live your destiny.

A part of us acknowledges that there is more to life than we've lived and wants to answer the call. But another part of us is afraid to let go of the known and boldly enter the realm of the unknown. Some people yearn for change, but their stable design makes change particularly arduous and painfully slow. We encounter health, financial or relationship problems and a general dissatisfaction with life. Some people refuse to break free from the mold and hold themselves back because they have unconscious memories of other lifetimes where they harmed others or failed miserably. When we don't answer the call of our Soul's purpose, our spirit starves and our life force weakens.

No matter what's holding you back, your Soul is relentless in calling you to live your purpose, liberate your natural talents and play your part in the academy award winning drama called 'Being Human on Planet Earth'.

There are many paths to awaken and embrace your Soul's calling. One way is to take the clues contained in your birth charts and identify the mission you came to do and the unique combination of tools that you were given to do it. The next step is to address the challenges you face.

Like any good story, the hero or heroine (you) has a goal, a mission that affects humankind in some way. A good story needs villains who challenge our heroine to overcome the roadblocks and evolve her being.

Recognizing your hidden traps puts the power back into your hands. When you recognize that your weakness is that you lose focus easily or are afraid of rejection or tend to hide from strong emotions, then you can acknowledge these fears for what they are and laugh at how clever and persistent they are and do it anyway.

When you can manage your emotions, your life becomes more peaceful. You are no longer a victim of the villain. You discover the blessing of your design, such as being sensitive and much more.

You're invited to take a look at the story of your life. Jot down on a piece of paper or your journal:

  • What is the plot? This is your Soul's mission.

  • Who are the villains that put obstacles in my way? The villains can be people or beliefs about yourself.

  • How do the villains stop you from achieving your mission?

  • What hidden talents and strengths do you use to overcome the roadblocks?

  • Who do you become as a result of this journey?

I'd love to hear your story. If you discover you are unclear about the answers to these questions or any part of your story, and you would like some clarity and additional tools for your skills chest, I'd love to work with you. Simply sign up for a session with me, and awaken to a life that you can call a 'best seller'.

In the meantime, enjoy your life.


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