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What Happens When You Answer The Call Of Destiny?

What happens when you answer the call of your destiny?

When you awaken and exercise your secret power, your life transforms before your eyes. Your destiny brings the changes you've longed for, liberates you from the traps and pitfalls that have kept you small (and safe) and connects you to the greater Self or Divine.

When you live your destiny, you become mistress of your life. You listen and trust to your intuition to guide you. You make choices that fill you with vitality and joy and make your heart sing.

Living your destiny is not simply the work or career you do. It is a whole life experience, one that includes relationships that respect and value you, where you have equal power and authority,

Destiny has a mystique about it, and is thought of something magical and just out of reach.

This is not the case at all!

Destiny is completely attainable. In fact, you are living your destiny to one degree or another just by being alive!

Destiny means living your life with honor and integrity to yourself and others. It means having the courage to fully express yourself, in all of your magical luminescence. This means you have to know who you are, and to leverage your gifts, you have to know what makes your heart sing. Of course, your destiny is going to be different for you than it is for me for me. For you it might be to bring in a new world order. Or create a new way of teaching teaching children. The theme of your destiny will be different for each person because each person has a particular role to play in the big picture. By living your destiny you connect with the bigger part of yourself. Destiny is not about what you have for breakfast or dinner. Nor is it focused on the work you do. It's about who you are and the part you play in the big picture. Destiny is not just some simple thing of a career although that is a factor. Destiny is about being who you are and boldly, fully expressing yourself. It is living the highest path. Living your destiny involves taking charge of body mind and spirit. It involves getting in touch with your intuition and managing your thoughts and emotions and their effect upon your body. The first step to following your destiny is to fall in love with yourself. Discover your strengths, shadows and challenges. Your birth codes bless you with exactly what you need and support you in your life purpose. Understand the story of your past as stepping stones to where you are today and the foundation to a bright, new future.

Come face to face with what's stopping you from living your destiny and uncover the best approach to becoming free to choose.

You're invited to allow me to be your guide to take you on a journey through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains and connect with your greater Self.

Know what to do next. Become who you want to be. Dissolve confusion. Feel supported.

Whether you just want to test the waters or are ready to jump in, you're invited to discover the part you play in the world. ​You have a heroine's heart and a heroine's tale to tell.

I'm excited to work with you.

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