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Who Are You Really?

Who Are You REALLY? What are you here to do? And what's stopping you!

You are a Divine Being living in a physical body. You, and everything around you, is composed of pure energy and consciousness. In truth, you are living an illusion. Remembering this gives you the power to accept and change your physical experience.

We are all energetically connected and each one of us touches others. Your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs are transmitted into the world. Simultaneously, you receive these energies from others.

You are here to:

  • Play your part in the Cosmic Collective,

  • Understand the power of choice,

  • Share your divinely given gifts,

  • Grow and evolve by mastering certain themes.

When you do this, you automatically up-level the world and everything around you.

It's important to understand your role in life. Each of us plays a role that fits into the bigger picture, making that picture richer and more detailed.

The quality of your life is at stake. Avoiding the call of your heart and soul can leave you feeling empty, alone, bored, apathetic, your body in pain or some other illness.

Answering the call of your destiny:

  • Rejuvenates you,

  • Brings you new life and vitality.

  • Make choices that support you,

  • Set boundaries without guilt.

  • The old and outdated fall away and

  • You boldly, confidently take that scary leap into the unknown because you trust God/ Spirit has your back.

Answering the call of your destiny fills your life with rich meaning, vivid colors, energies connections with animals, nature, people and Spirit. You love and accept yourself and become filled with an inner power and certainty. You speak up for what's important. You draw out the highest expression of your birth promise.

You are born with a set of talents and abilities. Contained within your birth codes are the pieces that, when fitted together, form a clear picture of your destiny.

You're invited to take the first steps by delving into who you are and your native abilities, discover what interferes with your successes and learn tools to master your destiny.

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