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Welcome to 2020: Restoring Harmony.

Even though the Cancer Full Moon eclipse is past, the energies activated will resonate throughout 2020 and the years that follow, offering us an opportunity to restore the harmony between the masculine and the feminine aspects within ourselves.

With Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun, all masculine oriented planets, in the mannish sign of Capricorn, there is a strong influence on the Father/ patriarchal element in the masculine-feminine continuum.

For a couple of thousand years or more, many societies have been patriarchal. Masculine qualities defined success by what could be seen on the surface, by what one has accomplished, how much money, wealth and material possessions one has, how many goals have been reached and what one has to show for one’s efforts. How one got there wasn’t as important as the fact that one did get there. The feminine principle and women, were overruled and their voices suppressed.

With an intense planetary presence in Capricorn, which is the sign of success and excellence, work, status and tradition, we are being asked to take a look at what is success.

Pluto, as part of the Capricorn stellium, offers an opportunity to look deeply into the traditional methods used to date, and question if they are really working and at what cost. Has our patriarchal system run its course and now it is time to acknowledge the feminine aspect and restore the balance?

The sign of Cancer is the natural home of the Moon and represents the Divine Feminine, the mother, family and the past. This archetype is highly sensitive and receptive and invites us to look within at for our own inner feminine.

If we look at an astrology chart for this full moon, it looks like all the masculine energies have ganged up on the Moon. The moon stands alone. Is the feminine power strong enough to match and balance a whole bunch of masculine energies? I think she can!

The masculine element says “Look at me! Look what I’ve done!” It proclaims that the power of the logical mind rules everything. The feminine element is guided by emotions and whether something feels supportive or not. The feminine way is not as intensely goal oriented or material driven. It’s focus is on how you get there, and being satisfied with the abundance all around you, including what you have already. The feminine aspect operates with a quiet power that resides deep in one’s core, and is what makes it possible for one to shine in the outer, masculine world.

Think of a tree. The strong and sturdy part that is above the ground, reaching for the sky, is the masculine element.

We don’t see the deep network of roots that gives the tree nourishment and that keeps it anchored so that it doesn’t blow over in a windstorm. The tree cannot grow skyward and flourish without the support of its root system. This is the true power of the feminine and it is the balance and harmonious working together that supports a healthy tree. This same principle applies to ourselves and our interactions with others in our lives.

The invitation of this Full Moon Eclipse, the Cancer and Capricorn opposition, is to bring balance and harmony between the driving forces in our lives and the world, and to work together in equality and unity.

The Moon invited us to realize and accept that the Divine Feminine aspect within ourselves is so powerful, that she can balance some very intense patriarchal energies.

Ask yourself, is the focus of planetary energies in one sign in the heavens, a reflection of how we typically engage with our lives: full steam ahead, goal driven, big, bright, and actively doing things, even if they don’t make sense, just because you must get something done and that is the way it has always been?

What if the invitation is to see the power in stillness, going within to our core to define the truth that nurtures and supports us?

What if we shift from the attitude of attaining the goal, no matter what it takes, to allowing the goal as a result of the wisdom gained along the way.

What if, instead of force, we listen in the stillness for the guidance that will bring peace and harmony into our lives and world, and trust the feminine part of us that’s wise, introspective, listens with her heart for guiding actions, is caring and compassionate.

The Numeric code suggests a spiritual awakening that requires activating the feminine principle in relationships and diplomatic communication. By surrendering our ego, choosing words that express ourselves honestly and in integrity, and encouraging thoughts that create positive emotions, we can build long lasting, solid relationships that make mutual agreements that serve ourselves and the world. The Number Two contains a duality: serving the individual and the whole simultaneously. That is the essential lesson of relationships.

No matter whether you are wearing a man’s or woman’s body, you have the Divine Feminine within. Now is the time to make an acquaintance with the gentle sage within, strengthen your deep core from which you draw nutrients into your life and restore the harmony between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and in your relationships with others and the world.

Here’s something you can do.

Take some Rose essential oil, place a drop on your heart between your breasts and avow to yourself, while looking into a mirror:

I love myself.

I trust myself.

I am valuable.

I am worthy.

I deserve.

I accept myself.

I appreciate myself.

I adore myself.

I am precious.

I forgive myself.

I forgive those who hurt me.

All is well.

Wishing you a fantastic year.

Elaine Correia

Storyteller of the Gramhar’aine

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