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What Kind Of Human Apple Are You?

As I cored apples to make applesauce, I realized that the apples from my tree are a wonderful metaphor for humanity.

Let's call the apple tree, Source, the beginning of all creation. Tree blossoms form into individual apples, much like a birthing. The new apples grow throughout the season, gaining substance, making the most of where they are positioned on the tree. Birds peck some apples. Bugs invade others, and some ripen more slowly. The wind blows and they fall, being in different stages of ripeness.

As I cut into my apples, I saw how each apple is unique. Some are beautiful on the outside with perfect coloring, are juicy and sweet, soft and flavorful. Others are green and their flesh is firm and tart. Some have blemishes and some don't. Some look beautiful on the outside, but the heart and seeds are undeveloped or the core is almost empty. Almost all suffer some bruising when they fall to the ground.

Apples provide food for the birds, ants and wasps, deer and other four-legged herbivores, bear and, of course, me.

People are much the same as apples. Some are kind, generous and caring. Others are aloof and logical. Still others work all the time. Some hide their blemishes with a beautiful exterior. Others take their blemishes in stride and make something of it. Some have well developed hearts and others have denied their hearts desire so often that their heart becomes shriveled. We all have bruises left from life. We provide the food others need. Each of us needs what others have to offer to thrive.

Unlike apples, who all know that they are an apple and accept themselves just the way they are, human are often judgmental and unaccepting. We compare ourselves to others and often find ourselves wanting. Conversely, we may find ourselves superior, which is a mask for not feeling worthy. It seems like there is often something that is wrong with us or our life experiences, and heaven forbid that we have blemishes!

Unlike the apple who is complete just as it is, humankind searches for answers, for something better, without realizing each person is perfect just as they are, blemishes, bruises and all.

Sometimes it's hard to see your beauty through the blemishes or the beautiful facade. If you want an outsiders perspective, I'd love to take you on an inner adventure to discover the beauty, the magnificence, and the gifts you bring to the world. Simply contact me or schedule a reading.

What kind of human apple are you? Can you appreciate you are a necessary contributor to what make us human?

Elaine Correia

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